The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the answer

Well today was golf course no. 12 Cedarbrook Red  near Belle Vernon Pa. This facility has 36 holes and is about a 45 minute drive from my house. The other course is called the Gold course and we will be playing that course some time next year. The Red course is the easier of the 2 courses and both courses are in great shape. The Red plays about 6200 yds. from the tips and is a solid lay out. The front nine is shorter than the back and the greens today were running about a 6.5 on stipmeter. This facility is worth the trip especially if you are going to play 36 holes. The weather was good after a little chilly start and the wind wasn’t bad as the temperatures climbed into the low 60s by 1 o’ clock. The fairways were good and the rough was for the most part was grown in fine. The only thing that Cedarbook lacks are nice sand traps. The fairway traps have become ground under repair and the greenside bunkers aren’t much better. The group today played ok. Pete and I both shot 80 and Donna had a 93. My short game is still a big problem for me right now and it shows in the scoring. Obviously the season is winding down and hopefully I can straighten that out by next year. This new thing with the swing is definitely working and I am hitting the ball extremely well. The thought process out on the course left a lot to be the desired today and that was another reason the score was not all that good. There was no hot dog at the turn because of the end of the season and not that many there, but we will catch that hot dog next year. This will probably be the last course for this year as the weather looks like it is going to turn a little cold and it is a little unfair to evaluate some courses as the year winds down. We only have done 12 courses so far so we will have to pick up the pace next year if we want to get done by this time next year. The search for answer will continue with some hope right now as I have been doing the same thing for the last 5 rounds and I hope I am on to something. Only time will tell. 12 down 78 to go.

The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Today was course no. 11 Westwood Golf Club, in West Mifflin Pa. This use to be Duquesne Country Club but went public about 7 years ago. It plays about 6300 yards from the blues but the 2 nines are totally different. The front 9 plays 3500 yards with a par of 37 and the back is only 2800 yards with a par of 34. The greens were running about a 6 on the stimp meter and were pretty bumpy due to some kind of disease or something on the greens that made little depressions in the green where there was no grass. The fairways are good and the rough is not bad although there are places that are bare. The pins today were in some brutal places and this course has never been really player friendly. It is like they never lost their country club attitude. Of course there was no hot dog at the turn so they fall to 88th place in that department and  will probably fall somewhere between 80th and 90th on the enjoyment level. So naturallly this course is not worth the trip.  The group played fairly well although I continued to have short game and mental blues and shot an 81. Pete shot an 80 and Donna an 89. However as they say at the 87th precinct I may have some real meat here concerning the golf swing. If your not familiar with the 87th precinct it is a great series of books that covers police work for almost 50 years.  Its to0 early to tell but we will see. Last Sunday I shot an even par 71 and today I struck the ball extremely well but I was adding some finishing touches on the swing and it was difficult to score. I hit a lot of good shots today that were long because of some solid ball striking. The season is winding down and the weather is supposed to turn nasty the next couple of days but Sunday might be a possibility. It was nice to get this course out of the way. Eleven down 79 to go.

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