The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

This week we are going to discuss the long game, and how to apply the answer. This was a perfect week to show how the answer works. I played 18 holes on Tuesday, 9 holes on Saturday and 18 holes today. I am going to take the week in chronological order and see how I applied the answer to each round with the full swing. Remember the answer is to find your “that day golf swing” as quickly as possible.

On Tuesday I had my first unique experience since finding the answer. I started off the round with some poor ball striking. I was hitting everything to the right and it took me until the 9th hole to find my “that day swing”. What got me back on track was to hit all shots, beginning on number 9, which was an uphill par 3, with a draw. That for me is unusual, because my basic shot is a fade. Once I started hitting everything from right to left, I hit some quality shots to play the last 10 holes 2 over par, and was able to salvage a 79. Even though it was tempting, I knew in my next round, that I would not start hitting shots from right to left or even try. This is the new key in playing golf. The problem with this round was that it took me too long to find my swing.

On Saturday I had some time to play 9 holes and the first hole is a par 3. I tried to get a feel for the day with the first swing. I hit a 7 iron and it was not a bad shot and found the green about 30 feet from the pin. I noticed with the first swing that I seemed to take the club a little back inside more than I usually do but since the shot was pretty good, not great, but acceptable, I allowed the club to take a similiar path on my next drive and proceeded to have a pretty good ball striking day and managed to shoot 39 with some mediocre putting. Again I walked off the 9th green knowing that this would not be my swing for tomorrow.

Today with temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s, and a moderate to gusty wind, I stood on the first tee with a helping wind, and just blistered the opening tee shot. What  I noticed on this swing, is that I had a full wind up with some pretty good wrist cock, maybe too much wrist cock, and a little bit of a pause at the top. I kept that feeling all day and had one of my best driving days of the year. I made a slight adjustment at address, during the round where I got my weight distributed toward the middle of my feet, and had a great ball striking day. With a passable short game and some decent, but not great putting I shot a one over 73. I know I will have to approach the next round with that same open mind and not try to dupicate the feel of this great round. I did not try to control the wrist cock today, even though at times, I think I over did it, but that little natural pause made all the difference in the world. I did not try to consciously do the pause, it was something that just happened today and I went with it, with great results. I know now to just forget about it for the next round. So there you have it, the answer in action. Obviously, if I get off to a bad start, I will have to find that swing quicker but I have some ideas on that. Maybe if I never get off to a bad ball striking day again, I won’t have to worry about it HAH!

It looks like there is a chance to get one or two rounds in next week. Even if I don’t, next weeks blog will be, how to apply the answer to putting. Things get a little tougher there. See you next week.

The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

Even though I have the answer and will reveal it tonight,  the answer can not overcome trying out a new driver and not taking your old one with you. Because of a very poor driving day, I failed to break 80, even though the conditions for November 23rd were just about perfect, with temps in the 50’s at the start and pushing into the 60’s, with very little wind. The answer applies to all three phases of the game. So without further ado here is the answer.


Another way to think about this is to abandon that swing thought, before it abandons you. What is your that day golf swing etc.? I will discuss this in depth, about all three phases in furture blogs. For  now I can tell you, what it is not. It is not what you were doing in your last round no matter how good it felt, maybe. Notice I did say maybe, but more on that later.  It is the ability to find your game quickly in all three phases that determines how you will play that day. This in my mind will be the most fascinating thing in trying to play this goofy game. You will have to face each new round with an open mind and not rely on an anchor from the previous round or practice session. I don’t know why this is the answer but I know that it is. I will only have a few more times to play this year to try to execute the answer, but each blog will discuss what if any progress I have made. Next week the full swing up to this point.

The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

The answer produced results this week, with rounds of 74 and 77, in some pretty tough conditions of temps in the low 40’s and some breeze, although the wind could have been worse. Both rounds were produced despite some mediocre to poor putting. The 74 round was highlighted by hitting the first ten greens in regulation. Its difficult to apply the answer to putting and the short game but progress is being made. Today I am going to write about some of the things the answer explains and some things that are gone forever from my golf game.

Like most of us, I take some notes after each round on some of the things that I thought I was doing well, and how they might help me in future rounds. Here are some examples of some of these notes. Hit the driver on the downswing. Shoulders must control the swing. Get balanced at addres. Keep the legs quiet. Full wrist cock on less than full shots. Keep swing on shoulder plane. Stretch the left side on the back swing. I will never write notes or similiar notes like that again, now that I have the answer.

For those of you that get to warm up before a round, one of four things can happen.  A good warm up and good play. A good warm up and bad play. A bad warm up and good play. A bad warm up and a bad play. The answer explains all this.

The answer can explain why scores flucuate so much from day to day, even on the PGA tour. Many blogs back I gave the example of Peter Lonard, when he won the Heritage, his only win on the PGA tour with rounds of something like 66, 74, 67, and 75. The answer can explain this.

The answer expains why you can’t take you game from the practice range to the golf course. I have explained this in another blog but the answer confirms this.

Sometimes we will finish a round very strong because of a  swing thought but when we try to  apply  the same thought to next round we fail miserably. The answer explains  this.

I have often questioned the value of the practice swing, but because of the answer the practice swing is absolutely necessary.

There are many other things in the game that the answer explains and I will probably discuss them in future blogs. Even though I said higher handicap players still will need more than just the answer, it will still benefit them. I will reveal the answer next week. I am revealing the answer next week, even though I still haven’t figured out for sure how to execute the answer, because I am sure this is the answer. I don’t know why this is the answer but I just know that it is.  Once the answer is revealed maybe someone else will find a way to execute the answer. My golfing season is winding down and will not have many more opportunities to try to execute the answer but spring is just around the corner. NEXT WEEK THE ANSWER.

The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

Well, for a man claiming to have found the answer to the game of golf, the play was not very good for the week. I was able to get four rounds in this week but failed to break 80 in all four rounds. I have built in excuses already, from not feeling well on Tuesday to some very tough conditions on Saturday. Trying to execute the answer in the short game and putting is proving to be  much tougher than executing it in the long game. I probably struck the  ball better this week, than any time this year, but the short game and putting was so bad, that this killed any chance I had of having a good number. I do feel that I made some progress in this area but time will tell. This week it looks like I will be able to get in 9 tomorrow and 18 on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday but after that the weather is going to turn ungolfable for the rest of the week. While I am not going to reveal the answer today, I am going to write about what the answer is not.

The answer is not for someone with a handicap of over 12. The answer does not replace the fundementals of grip, stance, posture, and alignment. If your handicap is over 12 then you got some work to do in that area and in areas of the swing itself.

The answer is not the shoulder control swing that I developed. I still like this as a way to describe the golf swing and as a teaching aid but it is not the answer.

The answer is not, what I termed the mind body connection. The mind and body have to be in sync but it is not the answer.

The answer is not visualization and only thinking of your target. We all hear of stories of players getting in this mode and shooting a great round but why doesn’t this work every time. It’s simply is not the answer. However, visualization and being target oriented, may be a step in getting to the answer.

The answer is not something new or earth shattering and is quite simple. It will require an open mind, particularly when it concerns your own golf game. Once you accept  this as the answer it will rid your mind of many golf thoughts, that you have clung to for years.

Next week I will write about all the things that the answer explains in this goofy game. Hopefully I will find even better ways in executing the answer.

The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Its been three weeks since the last blog even though I intended to blog on a weekly basis. Since the last blog my rounds have been 79, 75, 79, 75, 80, 75, and 71. The 71 was a one over par, so I have yet to have an even par round. Even though there is more golf to played in the Burgh this year, there will be no more scores to turn in. Despite being unsuccessful in obtaining what I considered the ultimate mind body connection my handicap went down from 4.1 to 3.7, after reaching a June high of 5.8. I have already played my 100th round of the year for the third consecutive year.

I have good news and I have bad news. Now, ususally when someone says that, most people want the bad news first. I am going to give the good news first because the bad news won’t make any sense. The good news is, and it is very good news, that I have found the answer. The bad news is that I haven’t figured out how to execute the answer. So because I have found the answer the blog will have a new title. It’s going to be called “The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer”. Am I going to reveal the answer today? NO! Am I not going to reveal the answer because I am a no good S.O.B? I am a no good S.O.B. but thats not the reason. I have two reasons that I am not going to do it today. I am 95% sure this is the answer, but since I just discovered it, about 10 days ago, time will tell. Secondly I would like to be able to find the best way to accomplish the answer before I reveal what it is. Naturally, if I am right about this, my scores should reflect that the rest of the year, and into next year. Now if I feel this is the answer by July 1 2015 but I am no closer in finding a way to execute the answer, then I will reveal the answer. I may do this even sooner if I am totally stump, but I feel now, that I want to try through June of next year.   This has already freed my game up immensely and I will be even going back to practicing but for a different reason. As weeks roll by, I will discuss certain aspects of my game, and how finding the answer has changed them, hopefully for the better. There is about 2 to 4 weeks of golf left in the Burgh and maybe more, so we will see how I do in the coming weeks. Maybe I will find the how to the what faster than I expect. I should be able to play 2 to 3 rounds this week and we will see how it goes.

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