The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

On Wednesday June 15th we played 36 holes. We played Madison Club in the morning and Manor Vallley in the afternoon. Madison Club is in Madison Pa., which is about an hour drive from my house. This course was built about 20 years ago and is a decent course that plays 6800 yards from the blue tees and is in very good shape except for one thing. The rough is terrible and has always been terrible. What I mean by terrible is the grass is sparse with many bare spots and there is even rocks in the rough. Now it has been this way since day one. To correct this problem it takes very advanced technology, grass seed and a rake. It is a shame because the rest of the course is good. The greens ran a 6 on the stimp and were very smooth. But this lack of care of the roughs makes this course not very enjoyable to play. The hot dog at the term was good but nothing special. The group played ok I shot 81 Pete had a 79 and Donna a 92. Next we went to Manor Valley which is east of Pittsburgh in Export Pa. This is another hillly short course which is typical of the courses east of Pittsburgh. The course plays 5900 yards from the tips and was in pretty good shape. The fairways and greens were firm and this was the first time all year where there was a lot of roll on the ball. The greens were  a 5.5 on the stimp and did have a few rough spots. The rough was not very deep and easy to play from,  considering it had grass that was in all parts of the rough. I liked Manor Valley a little better than Cloverleaf which we played last week. A little more variey to the holes and greens were in a little better shape. The hot dog at the turn was better than Madison’s and I was even offered sauerkrat. I shot 76 Pete 74 and Donna 91. My game is on medication as I continue to struggle with the short game and some from very bad shots. I hit a lot of good shots but when I hit a bad one, it is really bad. We had one of the best weather days we have ever had with the temp around 80 and plenty of sunshine.    Neither one of these courses is worth the trip but Madison could be. Twenty six courses down and sixty four to go.

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