The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

Trying to execute the answer has proven to be much more difficult than I anticipated to say the least. The weeks scores continue to be horrible ranging from 76 to a wonderful 89 but I think I may have discovered the folly of my ways.

When I first came up with the answer, which is finding your “that day golf swing” as quickly as possible, it was at the end of the golfing season last year. I came up with a method of accomplishing that goal which I discussed in previous blogs. The main principal of that method was to start each round with an open mind about your swing and feed off the results of the shots and make adjustments. Because it was at the end of the golfing season I played most of my golf at Scenic Valley, but it would not have made any difference what golf course I was playing, it was the fact that I was playing the same golf course. Obviously when you play the same golf course the opening tee shot is exactly the same. Once I started this process of trying to execute the answer my scores were very good and ball striking improved dramatically.  One of the few times I did not play well is when I went to Lindenwood and my ball striking was not as good for 8 holes, until I started to draw all my shots and I played the last 10 holes 1 over par. This should have been a tip off right there but I am a slow learner. I did go out to San Diego and shoot a very good round, but its opening tee shot has similar characteristics of the opener at Scenic Valley. Because the opening tee shot was the same all the time, I don’t think I was being as open minded about my golf swing as I thought I was. Now, I don’t think this is even the way to go about finding you “that day golf swing”. The opening tee shot of a round is very important. It’s not to say it is round maker or breaker, but it is important non the less. I have hit great opening tee balls and have had bad rounds, and on the other side of the coin, had a very bad opening drive and shot one of the best rounds of my life. But because of playing the same opening tee shot, I think this led me astray on how to execute the answer. I still feel you should abandon that swing thought before it abandons you, but I think there is a different way to go about doing it.

The way I felt going into this season is, that if I was playing as bad as I am playing right now, I would be getting ready to shut everything down including the blog. I have a little more than half the season to go, and with this new direction to take, I am going to continue to plod along and see what happens. With golf it is easy to see if you are going in the right direction, all you have to do is look at the number.

The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

It’s a Wednesday blog as I have been really busy or it may be that it just takes me longer to do the same amount of work, I don’t know. The game is about the same and I will write about that on Sunday. But today I want to discuss two subjects the U. S. Open and the fall of Tiger Woods.

I think the U.S.G.A. may need to be investigated like F.I.F.A.  Where do you think the 2022 Open might be held, Death Valley Municipal Golf Course where soft ice cream is served after every round. Forget the fact that this was goofy golf. Forget the fact that you heard more than once a player exclaim “Oh no” and then see his ball wind up about 4 feet from the hole. Forget the fact that the greens were almost unputtable. This was not a very tough test of golf. If the Open comes back there ever again, and lets hope not, maybe they could just aerate the greens a week before the championship to really protect the course. Yes, I think kick-backs and bribes are a definite possibility here. The only thing that managed to save this Open was the finish and that  Jordan Spieth won. If the putting surfaces would have been as good as a good public course the winning score would have been easily 260 to 265 which would have crushed the Open scoring record. Even with the horrible conditions Louis Oosthuizen managed to shoot 66, 66, and 67 in the last three rounds, the best last 3 rounds in Open history. Rory may have shot 60 on Sunday, if he would have gotten the right bounce on many of his putts. Dustin Johnson would have won by 5 or 6 shots if his putts would have rolled true.  How about all the injuries that occurred from people and caddies just trying to maneuver around the place. This whole venue was a disgrace to our National Championship. Bring on Death Valley.

Tiger Woods has taken the biggest fall of any professional golfer in history. I know that David Duval was no 1 in the world and disappeared, Ian Baker Finch shot a 92 in the British Open and was gone and the list goes on and on of players who have had success, even won majors and then their games have vanished. But now, we are talking about a golfer who dominated professional golf from 1997 through 2006 like no other golfer has in history. Everybody can argue about who is the greatest of all time Nicklaus or Woods but the fact of matter remains nobody did what Tiger Woods did in those 10 seasons. He won majors by 9 12 and 15, yes 15 strokes.  He broke the cut record and  his win percentage was the best of all time. Even just 2 years back he was no 1 in the world. Now, he can only shoot better that 3 people who played in the US Open. He flat out just looks like a good low handicapper. He will go through a stretch of holes where he looks pretty good and then just seems to lose it. He mishits as many chips as he hits well.  I have always thought Tiger would go on to win 19 to 20 majors and seal the deal as the greatest of all time. If he does anything like that now, it would be the biggest comeback in sports history.  I would not be shocked if he did something like that, but sadly I think he is done. When golfers seem to get in this big of funk and this is the biggest funk of all time, they rarely recover. If this is the case, this is one die hard golfer who is really going to miss Tiger Woods.

The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

It’s been two weeks since the last blog and not to much positive has happened. The golf has been mediocre at best, with score ranging from mid 70’s to the mid 80’s with no end in sight. It appears executing the answer is going to be just as difficult as finding the answer. I am going to discuss one interesting thing that I am doing with some positive results.

In some areas of the country, this is not a concern, but in Western Pennsylvania playing from uneven lies is an every day problem. The basic lies are uphill, downhill, ball below your feet and ball above the feet. The general advice has been to play the slope. If the ball is above your feet you are suppose to aim to the right of the target and allow the ball to draw, right to left. If the ball is below your feet then you are to aim to the left and allow the ball to go from left to right. A  lie that is downhill will go from left to right and an uphill lie will have a tendency to be pulled, so you aim a little right.  Now there are all kinds of address position adjustments that you make for each lie and any instruction book will go through them and many of you already know this. What I have been doing the last two months with some pretty good results is trying to fight the slope. If the ball is below my feet I will aim a little right of the target and try to hit a draw. With the ball above my feet I will aim a little left of the target and hit a fade. The result is a shot that travels pretty straight or does draw or fade a little bit. This move has been particularly effective when the ball is below my feet. The shot flies a little lower but is very straight and carries much farther than the typical way you play a shot that is below your feet. This has also worked well for the ball above your feet trying to hit a fade, and trying to draw the ball off a downhill lie. Where it has been a little less effective is on the uphill lie and trying to hit the fade, but it’s not been bad. So try this, you may like it, remember fight the slope.

Needless to say the last 3 to 4 weeks have been pretty frustrating and discouraging but trying to find your that day golf swing will continue. I have one 36 hole tournament this week and another 18 hole tournament later in the week. I am not brimming with confidence right now but you never know. That’s why I call this game goofy.

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