Golf Diary

The Round: Played South Park Score 79 Green In Reg. 7 Putts 31

The Good: Hit some good irons again, even though I only had 7 GIR’s, but I had a lot of balls on the fringe relatively close to the pin. I drove the ball well through the first 10 holes and number 18. The weather was perfect. My short game shots were good even though I only got it up and down 5 out of 11 times.

The Bad: Putting was off again. I missed way too many 4 to 7 foot putts. My chipping and pitching were good, but I could not finish it off by making the putt. Particularly galling was a 3-putt green on the par 5 tenth hole where I had reached the green in 2 and only had about a 15 foot putt for eagle. I was a little too bold on the eagle putt and ran it about 4 feet past the hole. Then missed the comeback putt for a 3 putt par that really took the sails out of the round. I hit my best drive of the day on 10 to set up the approach to the green. For the next 5 driving holes I did not hit very good drives and 2 of them cost me bogies. I did finish with a very nice drive on 18 but by then the round was toast.

The Luck Of The Round: I had a good break on the par 3 8th where I hit a gap wedge really thin but it came out ok within 12 feet of the pin. Had a tough break on the par 5 fourth where my ball just could not get past this little tree. I had a restricted backswing and actually hit the ball better that expected and it went over the green that led to a bogey on a fairly easy hole. Just could not get the ball in the hole although I hit a lot of good putts.

Next Round: May 31 at South Park. Taking a little non golfing vacation over the Memorial Day weekend and won’t be playing until the 31st.

Golf Diary

The Round: Played Stonecrest Score 78 Greens in Reg. 10 Putts 34

The Good: Driving was good, and I hit some of my best iron shots of the year. The weather was perfect. Played the last 13 holes 3 over par.

The Bad: For a score that was not too bad, there was a lot. Putting topped the list with 34 putts and one 3 putt green. My short game was bad as I got it up and down only 2 times out of 8 missed green. Even though my driving was good at times, I hit some really bad drives especially at the start of the round. Got off to a bad start by bogeying the 4 of the first five holes. Definitely had more yip issues today than most.

The Luck Of The Round: The luck was pretty good this day other than on the greens. I was always able to find a window to play up the fairway when I was in the wood. I hit one tree and came back in play. Never really had any bad luck.

Next Round: Tomorrow, South Park

Golf Diary

The Round: Played South Park Score 76 Greens In Reg. 8 Putts 30

The Good: Drove the ball well again and the iron play although had its ups and downs again was improving. The putting was better but not great. Another ho-hum round with 4 bogies and no birdies. I have gone through stretches like this before, where I just do not make birdies. The irons and the putting are just not sharp enough to take advantage of some holes. Missed 10 greens and was able to get it up and down 6 times.

The Bad: The rough was high compared to last week at the Park and that did make a difference. It was very penal, and you could hit no more than a 7 iron out of the rough at times. The iron game was not crisp as I did not really have many good looks at birds. The bogies were caused by bad iron shots on the front nine and on the back it was another bad iron and a bad drive that led to the other 2.

The Luck Of The Round: One spectacular putt on 9, after a fluffed chip shot, of some 50 feet that went in to save par was definitely lucky. You could say the luck was bad, that the round was horribly slow. Did not have the best lies in the rough.

Next Round: Saturday, South Park.

Golf Diary

The Round: Played Cedarbrook Red Score 85 Greens in Reg. 7 Putts 39

The Good: My driving, that was about it. The Irons were ok. The weather was beautiful so I can’t even use that as an excuse.

The Bad: Obviously putting with an atrocious 39 putts. My putting has been very good to mind blowing but not today. I really could not get the speed down and I yipped more today than in a long time. I had 4 three putt greens and only 1 one putt. I really did not play all that well, but even if I putt a little bit, I am going to break 80, which I did not come close to. I started to mess around with an idea about putting and it really mess up the entire process. Why are golfers never satisfied? My short game was bad too, particularly my pitching from about 50 to 85 yards. The chipping was not too bad but even that was erratic and painful. The last 2 days have been painful, but we are finishing up a 4 day stretch of playing with a day off on Wednesday.

The Luck Of The Round: I putted so bad that I can’t even say I had any bad luck on the greens. Luck was no factor on this pathetic round. The bar is calling, and I am taking my funnel. I am walking to the bar so there is not limit tonight.

Next Round: Tomorrow South Park.

Golf Diary

The Round: Played Beaver Valley Score 80 Greens In Reg. 5 Putts 31

The Good: Drove the ball really well at times. Made solid contact with most of the iron shots. The weather was gorgeous.

The Bad: I hit horrible drives on 4 holes that really cost me. The major problem was distance control and club selection. Even though I hit my irons solid, I would come up short or long on most of the holes. That was the main reason for only 5 GIR’s. I finished really bad by bogeying the last 3 holes. The putting was mediocre at best with some very poor green reading. The greens were slow but they were very smooth so that was no excuse. All in all, a come down to earth day on the course. The game just slowly deteriorated the last 7 holes. Death by quicksand.

The Luck Of The Round: I got a good break on the 13th hole a short par 4 when my drive hit a tree about 100 yards from the tee but went back to the fairway and another 100 yards down the hole. I was able to hit a 9 iron on the green and almost made birdie. On the greens I had many putts come close and one lip out for bird, so not a lot of luck on the greens.

Next Round: Tomorrow Cedarbrook Red

Golf Diary

The Round: Played South Park Score 77 Greens In Reg. 8 Putts 31

The Good: This was one of those rounds where nothing was good but nothing was all that bad. Still drove the ball well and the iron game was up and down.

The Bad: The weather. It was wet and rainy with rain on about 5 of the holes. Because of the wet greens the putting was just off enough to keep me from shooting a better score. The round was dull with 13 pars and 5 bogies. This round was from the white tees and the course played longer with the wet conditions. The ten greens I missed I was able to get it up and down 5 times. This round was dictated by the conditions, and I admit I just seemed out of sync but compared to some of my rounds, this round was ok.

The Luck Of The Round: Because of the wet conditions the lies in the rough were not that good, especially when compared to the lies I had earlier this week. Other than that luck was not a big part of this round.

Next Round: Beaver Valley Golf Course.

Golf Diary:

The Round: Played South Park Score 71 Greens In Reg. 11 Putts 28

The Good: No, this is not a repeat blog. For the second round in a row from the Gold tees I shot the same score with the same GIR’s and the same putts. The nines were the same 37-34-71. I also had 4 birdies and 3 bogies to shoot the 1 under score. I did birdie some different holes. On Tuesday the birdies were on 2, 10,15, and 17. Today I birdied 1, 5, 10, and 12. The bogies on Tuesday were on 4,8 and 13. Today the bogies were on 2, 4, and 7. I had a much steadier back nine today with the 2 birdies and no bogies. My game was just like Tuesday where today, everything was clicking pretty well. I did have some yips on chips today which led to one of the bogies and I had a few more bad putts. The chips yips kept me from a good chance at a birdie on 3. I really had the speed of the greens down after the 2nd hole. It was another beautiful weather day.

The Bad: Nothing

The Luck Of The Round: There was plenty of good luck today. I skulled a wedge on the short par 3 8th hole that could have gone into the rough but somehow stayed on the fringe. It left me with a treacherous downhill putt of about 35 feet. I knocked it about 10 feet by and was fortunate that it stayed on the green. I made the comeback putt, right in the center of the hole. I always had good lies in the rough. Then on the 200 yard par 3 13th I cold top a five wood about 85 yards down the rough. I had about 115 in and hit a 51 degree wedge to about 12 feet of the hole. The putt just fell in the front edge of the hole to save that par.

Next Round: Saturday, at South Park weather permitting.

Golf Diary

The Round: Played South Park Score 71 Greens in Reg. 11 Putts 28

The Good: First off, I played the senior tees, but I am not going to disparage the round in any way. No matter what tees you play from you have to hit the fairway, hit the green, and make the putts and boy did I ever make the putts. Three of my four birdies were on putts between 15 feet and 25 feet. I knocked it on the front edge of the green on number 10, a par 5, in 2 and rolled up a 50 footer about 6 inches just left of the hole, for a tap in birdie. I drove the ball well and my iron game improved immensely with the 11 greens in regulation. I chipped ok to get it up and down 4 out of 7 times. I only hit one bad putt all day, a 9 foot birdie putt on number 5 that I slapped at because of indecision.

The Bad: Nothing. The weather was even good.

The Luck Of The Round: I had one big break on the 14th hole where I hit a drive to the right and was driven even further right by the wind. The ball ended up exactly between two tree stumps and I had a clear shot. I had a somewhat restricted swing but had only 112 yards to the green. I choked down on an 8 iron just about down to the steel and took a nice little swing and punch it right at the pin, ending up about 20 feet behind the pin. I made an easy par. I had a brutal lip out for a par on number 4 that I was getting ready to pick out of the hole but with all the other putts I made I cannot complain.

Next Round: Back to South Park on Thursday.

Golf Diary

The Round: Played South Hill Country Club Score 85 Greens in Reg. 3 Putts 34

The Good: The middle 6 holes believe it or not. I played even par by parring 6 holes in row with 2 good looks at birdie. All phases of the game were clicking even though I did not make putts of any length, I made a couple of 6 footers to save par. It took me awhile to start playing well and then it disappeared just as quickly on the last 6 holes.

The Bad: Obviously the other 12 holes. I started out like I had never played the game before. Then I lost 2 balls in the rough on the back nine, and that seemed to destroy any idea of shooting any more good golf. My putting was not very good all day, but just a poor attitude after some of the lost balls, 3 in all that were right on the course did not help the cause. It is one thing to lose balls in the woods or a hazard but when you are maybe 15 yards off the fairway and you cannot find your ball because the rough is so deep, that you almost have to step on the ball to find it, in my view is not golf. At least not for old guys. It really is just an excuse for a game that is in disarray.

The Luck Of The Round: None. Losing the balls and again not finding the hole on some very good putts just added to the frustration of a very nice weather day, at least.

Next Round: Tomorrow at South Park. Hopefully more familiar ground will help me get back on track.

Golf Diary

The Round: Played at Rittswood Score 85 Greens In Reg 4 Putts 35

The Good: This is easy, nothing. I hopefully figured out something at the end of the day.

The Bad: Had basically bad driving although did a little better on the back nine. The greens in regulation speaks for itself as far as iron play goes. 35 putts are way too many when you only hit 4 greens. The short game was also bad. The weather was not great with drizzle and cool temperatures.

Luck Of The Round: On the greens I missed putts in every way possible. Hit the pin and went out, lipped out, burnt the edge, left some short in the jaws and misread a ton. I had no luck at all today to compound a poor ball striking day in general.

Next Round: Tomorrow South Hills Country Club. Will be starting over tomorrow. Whew.

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