The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

I am not one for suspense. ALBATROSS  ALBATROSS  ALBATROSS.  Yes, on May 3rd 2018 I got that elusive bird on the 503 yard par 5 10th hole at Highland Springs Golf Course, near Wellsburg West Virginia. I hit a little bit of a pull hook drive and was in the left rough about 240 yards from the center of an elevated green, with the pin cut on the middle right.  I hit a 3 wood out of the rough that came out a little low, with a slight draw, but was hit solid.   I saw the ball take one big hop up the hill. It looked like it hopped up to the green, but with these 68 year old eyes it was hard to tell. I thought it might be a little short and off to the right of the green.  Naturally when we drove up to green we could not find the ball.   When you can’t find a ball around the green, just for the hell of it someone will always look in the hole.  This time it was my friend Andy, and sure enough, that’s  where that sweet little ball was found. Needless to say that was one of the biggest thrills of my golfing life.   I have had a few close calls with getting the albatross, but this was the first and makes my golf life complete. There won’t be any debate on what was this year’s, shot of the year. More like the shot of a lifetime.  My golf game other wise has been up and down as usual, with the weather being more of a factor than in any recent years past. Have not been blogging all that much, but will try to step it up a little bit here, as golf gets into full swing.  But I had to write about this and share the ALBATROSS.

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