The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Today I am going to combine the final 2 truths about trying to  learn the game of golf. Number 3 is the only common denominator that  really effective golf swings have, is that on the downswing the belly button passes the ball before the arms and the hands. It sounds simple enough, but the problem is I wrote earlier the arms can go 70 miles per hour and the body can only turn about 15 miles an hour. Every shot that is pulled can be attributed to the arms passing the belly button before impact. This is why the release of the hands is always inhibited because with the arms passing the belly and a full release of the uncocking of the wrists, the ball will go at least 50 yards to the left of the target. There are lots of other bad shots that can be atttributed to this one problem. Sounds easy enough, belly button first then the arms. There are many ways that have been advocated for starting the downswing and any instructional book writtein by Leadbetter and Harmen will give you methods of doing this but it just is not that easy. The fourth fact in the learning process is that there is only 2 senses that come in to play. You can see what you are doing and you can feel what you are doing. Many times what you think you are doing is not actually happening. The order should be this. Either through video, mirrors, or a second set of eyes you need to see what you are doing then put a feel to what is going on. You can always on the practice tee, stop your swing at any time, and simply look and what you are doing and make sure it is correct and again put the feeling into play. On the next blog I will go through some of the strange and wacky things that I have done with my golf swing in searching for this elusive answer. The biggest problem with this blog will be trying to remember all of the things I have done because quite frankly I am trying to forget them.

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