The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Even though no new courses were added this was an interesting week of golf. Had a bit of a decline in my play but I think this was due to some,hopefully,final tweeking of the new golf swing. I was finally able to do a little anatomy reasearch and I think I have the golf swing down to some very specific muscles that controt the entire action. On Wednesday,I played an outing at St. Clair Country Club and really stunk out the joint. I think besides just starting the new tweeking of the swing the format contributed to some awful scoring on my part. The next day I played in the South Park Men’s Championship and shot two solid rounds of 78 and 75. I had terrible luck on the greens all day, and then just terrible putting the last nine holes, but all in all, I hit the ball really well, especially off the tee.The rounds could have easily been 4 to 6 shots better. Then yesterday went to Riverview with lots of confidence and laid a big 80 egg. It was a very bad ball striking day that was kept from being worse by some very good putting on some pretty tough greens. I hope I am right about this latest move I am working on with golf swing. It is no change from the basic principle I have been doing since around late September of last year. This year so far my index has gone down from about 5.2 to its current of 2.5. I have hit the ball better at times than I have ever hit it. Yesterday’s 80 ended an 11 round stretch in the 70’s. Earlier this year I had had a 12 round stretch in the 70’s. So I think I may be getting closer to the answer. Only time will tell. Next week I should be adding some new courses which will take me either closer or farther away from the answer.

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