Golf Diary

Just a brief post that will introduce Golf Diary. Beginning tomorrow I am going to blog every round I play during the handicap season which in Western Pa. runs until around November 15. It will follow the format of the Pirate Morning Report being brief, concise, and certainly will not be a blow-by-blow account of any of my rounds. It will say where the round took place, my score, greens in regulation, and putts. The next segment will be about what was good about the round and then what was bad about the round. This will be followed by the luck of the round. Then I will finish up with where I think the next round will be. Along the way I will throw in what this warped mind is working on concerning his game and odd things that happen during the round. I have already played 15 rounds this year and have come up with 3 swing ideas that have already been abandoned. I have been playing more 9 hole rounds of late and will not discuss those until I string two of them together. This week is looking pretty good weather wise and I should be able to play between 3 to 5 rounds. The summer games begin tomorrow.

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    1. It’s been so long I almost forgot about the hot dog at the turn. More less probably going to play about 15 to 20 different courses this year, all of them played on the 100 golf course list and no major changes on the hot dogs😃. That doesn’t mean there might not be a food item along the way.

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