Pirates Morning Report:

Final Score: Pirates 2 Nationals 3

Why The Pirates Lost: For the most part the Pirates bats were quiet only getting 7 hits and the 2 runs. Miguel Yuri danced through the raindrops for 4 innings giving up 4 hits and walking 3 batters but did not allow a run and threw only 65 pitches. He did not come out for the 5th inning and once again the bullpen could not hold the lead, giving up 3 runs in 4 innings of work. Another strange move by the Shadow. Yuri benefitted from some hard hit balls being right at someone, but he still only threw 65 pitches. The way the bullpen has been performing lately, you would have thought, they would have left him keep pitching. It was not the “thought” process on the Pirate bench and their 4th close loss in a row was sealed.

Big Moment of The Game: The Maikel Franco 2-run homer in the bottom of the 8th with 2 out, won the game for the Nationals. The Pirates did get a runner to 2b in the top of the 9th but could not get the hit to get him in. It was another bad day for the Pirates. They showed that they don’t do the little things to win games.

Nest Game: Tonight, the Nationals in D.C. The bullpen has failed miserably over this 4-game skid and the bats are sleep walking through games. In last night’s game, the Pirates did not strike out a ton, 7, but they seemed to take a lot of strikes. They were not aggressive at the plate at all. It’s Quintana tonight and he has not looked all that hot lately. Let’s hope he can have a good game.

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