Pirates Morning Report, Watching Batting Practce

Final Score: Pirates 2 Rockies 13

Why The Pirates Lost: The pitching got rocked. The Rockies got 9 singles, 4 doubles and 4 home runs. Ten players made plate appearances and 9 of them got at least 1 hit. Quintana, whose value is dropping faster than the Stock Market, threw 103 pitches in 5 innings, and only 63 were strikes. The Pirates threw 173 pitches for 8 innings. The Rockies had 116 pitches for 9 innings. The offense wasn’t much better, getting 2 runs on 6 hits, and looking disinterested most of time. Ben Gamel struck 3 times in a row and hardly swung at any pitches. Maybe the Pirates think the All Star break has already started and these games don’t count.

Key Moment of The Game: Brendan Rodgers’s 2 out double, on a pitch out of the strike zone, that cleared the bases and gave the Rockies a 4-1 lead, in the bottom of the 3rd. The rout was on.

Next Game: This afternoon, Rockies in Denver. Let’s hope the Pirates show up today, but even if they do, the Rockies are hot and this could get real ugly. I am sure Yu Van Meter will be playing and leading off. He’s done a great job so far.

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