The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Today we played course number 8 Riverview in Elizabeth which is about a 30 minute drive from my home. This course is very nice, plays about 6400 yards from the tips and was in pretty good shape. The greens were about a 6.5 and putted very smooth. This course is typical  of a lot of golf courses in this  area, in that the first hole is one of the more difficult on the golf course. It is the number 3 handicap hole. This breaks a basic architectural rule in that the first hole should not be the toughest or the easiest hole on the course. I always thought one way to solve this problem was to reverse the nines. The first 6 holes at Riverview are pretty challenging and then after that the course plays much easier. Those first holes would then be 10 through 15 and I think it would speed up play because players would be more warmed up to play the more difficult side. The greens at Riverview are the biggest challenge. They have a lot of undulations and sometimes they can be quicker than 6.5 which can make them down right treacherous. The hot dog at the turn was very tasty. In fact I would say it would be placed in 2ond  at the moment,only to Firestone Farms. Is this course worth the trip. No no more than a 40 minute drive.  Everybody played pretty mediocre today. I shot a 79, Pete shot 78 and Donna 94. For me it was it was just a plethora of mistakes. A pulled 8 iron on 4, 3putt on 6, pulled 9 iron and skulled sand shot on 7, 3 putt on 9, bad chip on 10, horrible duck hook drive on 13, major block to right at least 50 yards on 14, and fat 5 iron on 15 for a 79. I had one birdie. My swing thing as I will call it, I am still doing it but modifying just a bit. One thing I do know, is what not the answer is. The swing is not the thing. There are so many swings on tour and every one is looking for what’s common in the swings of the pros. I can tell you right now, nothing. You will here people talk about how impact position is so important and how everybody looks the same. Even if that was true which it is not, of course they are very close because these guys hit the ball solid and straight. Everybody worries about their swing but believe me once you get the basic concept of the swing which is to turn the body away from the target on the backswing and turn your body toward the target on the downswing then how you do it is very unimportant. My putting pretty well stunk today but that is another story all together. Well we have 8 down and 82 to go.  Certainly no closer to an answer.       

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