The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Yesterday was a 36 hole day. The first course we played was Hartmans, which is in Zellienople a 40 minute drive from my house. This course is an older course, very flat and easy to walk. There is a lot of water which comes into play on the back nine. The fairways were hard and dry but had grass and the rough was not too bad. The greens were slow running a 4.5 on the stimp. There is a good variety of holes, with most of the holes tree lined. The course played 6300 yards from the tips and some of the tees were moved up, so the day we played, it probably did not play quite as long. The hot dog at the turn was excellent with a toasted bun. The first time that has ever happpened, and the condiments were very good. The course could only be described as being in good to fair shape, as it was dry and some areas were burned out. One green was completely burned out. The price was right however ,15 bucks to walk. I unfortunately stunk out the joint with my game today. I shot 83 and really can’t even describe how pitiful I was. Pete shot a steady 76 and Donna had a 90. Then we went to Strawberry Ridge which was quite a contrast. I assume this course is a newer course. This course plays almost 6000 yds from the tips, and the  greens were good running almost a 6 on stimp and were very smooth. That is about the only good thing I can say about this course other than the fact that it was in pretty good shape over all. This course is extremely hilly and there were some major cart rides from the green to the next tee. Some holes on the front nine were extremely tight and just plain weird. A lot of blind shots and again this course was dry and hard and losing golf balls would become a hobby if you played here very much. I do not know why they make golf courses so unplayable but at least this course is not out my back door. The hot dog at the turn was pretty good but could not compare to the one at Hartmans with the toasted bun. I continued to struggle on the front 9, but put it together on the back a little bit with the help of the shot of the trek so far. The 15th hole is a short 293 yd. par 4 straight away with very little trouble. I put a really good swing on a driver, hit a beautiful draw and with help of the hard ground got a very good kick and with lots of roll put the ball within 6 feet of pin and made the putt for an eagle 2. This allowed me to shoot a 1 over par 36 on the back and salvage a 78 for the day. Pete shot another 76 and Donna an 85. Neither one of these golf courses is worth the trip but Hartmans is very playable and there is that toasted bun. Thiry two courses down and 58 to go.

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