The Goofy Game of Golf Looking for the Answer

Yesterday we went to course no. 36 Ponderosa in Hookstown Pa. which is about a 35 to 40 minute drive from my house. This golf course has been around for awhile and has some things about it that make it unique. One it has some of the biggest greens in Western Pa. If you like to putt then this is your golf course. The par 4’s can be challenging but the par 5’s are gennerally easy. This is where you have to score on this course is the par 5’s. The course plays about 6600yds from the blue tees. The course was in good shape not great, and the greens were running a 5 on the stimp. The lay out is very hilly with lots of blind and uphill shots. This is another golf course that I put under the heading of ” I don’t have a lot to say bad about the golf course but I don’t have a lot of good to say either. It does have a nice variety of holes and it has lots of trees but a lot of up and down shots. The course has never been in great shape but is always playable. It is a tough golf course to play for the first time. The course is not worth a long trip.  The hot dog at the turn was not that good either toward the bottom of the pack. My day started out by hitting a high fade that hit the cart path and kareened 30 yards to the right into the lake. It didn’t get much better after that. I shot 82, Pets also shot 82, and Donna had 87. This course is kind to women in that it really moves up the tee boxes. Not much talk about finding the answer because I am really not trying to at the moment. I am concentrating more on just finishing the round when things don’t go so well like yesterday. I did do that. The game is still a big mystery to me on all levels. Thirty six down and 54 to go

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