The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Today was course no 50 Lindenwood in Peters Twp. which is about a 25 minute drive from my house. This course has 27 holes and we played the older 18 holes. We have had a lot rain the last 2 days and the course was soggy but held up rather well. The greens were running a 5.5 on the stimp and did have some rough spots on them. The course was in good shape overall. Lindenwood plays about 6400 yards from the tees that we played. We did not play from the exteme back tees because the first nine plays over 3500 yards from the tips. Lindenwood has always been close to where I have lived but I have never played the course very much because generally they want too much to play it and the course is never in really great shape. The greens have always been just so so and today was no exception but they were a little faster than expected despite  the rain. There was no hot dog at the turn today because there was no service even though it was 12:30 and 2 to 3 people were waiting. After 20 minutes I left. Lindenwood has always had their nose up in the air a little bit for a public course and most of the time its really been up their ass. Because of the weather we were one of the first one’s there and the lady at the pro shop took forever to ring us up and we gave her exact change. Then the starter said keep those receipts for the rain check and I who look at the radar said “Oh its not going to rain” Then he curtly said well ok then just rip them up. And then no service at the snack bar was the final straw even though people were yelling, anybody back there. Obviously this course is not worth even a 25 minute trip. The play was mediocre today as I shot an 80 and Pete had major putting woes and had an 86. I may have come up with something today though, and again time will tell. One of these blogs I will go through some the experimental swing ideas I have had during this 1 year trek so far. One of the reasons I haven’t gone into details on some of these swing ideas is out of embarassment. Some I have kept for a few weeks like the one I had at the end of last year and some have not even lasted a round. I may save all that for the end of the season blog. Fifty  courses down and 40 to go.

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