The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Today we went to the Links at Spring Church in Apollo Pa which is about a 55 minute drive. This course is about 15 to 20 years old and is one of those courses that I put under the heading of fake links course. This is a design that removes most of the trees from the course, lets a lot of weeds grow up around various parts of the course, calls it heather and thinks this has something to do with being a links course. This course had delusions of grandeur when it first opened, charged as much as 55 dollars on the weekend, did not give much of a break during the week, and went the way most of these courses did, that tried to do this, into reorganization.  Today the course is a little more reasonable and with the fall rate we played for 25 with a cart. Today they had the tees up and it played about 6200 yards and from the tips will play about 6500 yards. From the blue tees they changed two par 5’s into longer par 4’s so from the blues the par is 70 and from the whites the par is 72. Essentially they changed two interesting par 5’s into 2 longer boring par 4’s. Go figure. The overall design of the course is good with many interesting holes but the greens have never been really that good and today they were plugged and half sanded and ran a 4 on the stimp. Needless to say this course is not worth the trip, at least until they become more rate friendly. The hot dog at the turn was fair and we did have a beautiful day to play. My swing thing as I will call it from  now on, is still working quite well. Even though I got off to a slow start I was able to shoot even on the back for a 76 and Pete shot a very nice 78 and would have done better on better greens. I don’t know how long the weather will hold up but maybe I will get a few more in before years end. Sixty two down with twenty eight to go.

3 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

    1. I do not know how many of the blogs you have read but in the first blog I talk about how I think that there is something missing in the way we try to hit a golf ball. So during the trek besides playing 90 courses I am try to find that answer. Last year when the weather the got bad for the winter I put the blog to bed so to speak. This year when the play stops I will get into some of the things I have tried over the last 15 months. I touched on some of what I consider the bad teachings out there in golf instruction in a recent blog when I hadn’t played a new course for awhile. Eventually I will get to what is good in golf instruction and some of the failures I have had and will get to what I am doing now whether it is permanent of just another goofy idea.


  1. Well I’ll look forward to what you find. Ultimately the continual search is what makes this game so intriguing for me. Also trying to figure out what exercises/drills one can do indoors to improve during the cold months. Please share if you’ve got something. Thx


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