The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Another weekly wrap up a day later as I had a busy Mother’s day. The golf for the week continued to be pretty solid. There were no new courses this week but the week was interesting none the less. I had rounds of 78, 76, 78, and 78. The highlight of the week was  a 2 under par back nine at St. Clair Country Club, which gave me the round of 76. I had two nines at Mt. Lebanon of 37- 41 and the other two 78’s were at Scenic Valley and Riverview respectivaly. The ball striking was good all week and the short game continued to make strides. I had putting issues at Scenic Valley and the weather yesterday was a little rainy with some lost concentration contributing to some bad bogies.  The new method, which is not that new any more continues to get better and I am getting more comfortable with it every time I play. It continues to be a little difficult to totally trust it and believe that it could be this simple. Now that the physical side of the game seems to be solved for the time being it is freeing  me up more to think of the mental side, particularly with the short game. If the scores are really going to come down then this will have to be the next step. I have broken 80, nine straight times and all the rounds have been between 75 and 78. To say the least this has been one of my most consistant periods of solid play, and I am still getting use to the swing. This week coming up we are going to add two more courses to the list and both are challenging lay outs so we will see if I have just jinxed myself. The keys will be continued improvement on the ball striking and getting the short game to click. We will see what this week will bring.      

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  1. Are you practicing something new for short game or introducing a mental technique? I would think that with the amount of play you enjoy, your short game would be getting naturally sharper because of the reps.


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