The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Did add a new course this week with some odd things happening. We went to Dubbs Dred in Butler, Pa., about a 65 minute drive. The course played about 6800 yards from the tees we played from and I will expain the “about” a little later. The course was in very good shape and the greens were running a solid 6.5 and very smooth. The front nine was fairly straight forward with the holes pretty wide open and right in front of you. Then after the 11th hole on the back the course became much tighter with many blind shots. This affected me into some bad scoring and worst decision making. This course was a good course to play and I would say worth the trip but I have some very specific criticisms. First of all some of the hole yardages were off. One hole was supposed to be a 460 yard par 4 and after our drives we were 180 from the hole and I let you do the math. There were other holes like this as well. The other bigger problem when you played from the blue tees,was there are about 5 tee boxes that come out from a shoot of trees. These trees however are also over hanging the driving area. You have to keep your drive low, not only straight. This place needs to get into some tree trimming. The hot dog at the turn was ok, made better by having some banana pepper rings for condiments. I thought we were going to play another new course near by, Stoughton Acres, but when we got there, we found out they had plugged the front nine greens and so we only played the back nine and those greens were really nice and ran 6.5.  I will blog this course at a later time. For the week the scores were pretty good until today. At Dubs Dred I shot a 77 and Pete a 78. It was the back nine that really did me in. I was even after 11 holes and then fell apart. I had 76 on Thursday and 74 yesterday. Today I went to North Park and laid a big 80 egg. Very poor thinking and bad luck on the greens with some average ball striking led to the 80. In the next day or two I am going to do a blog on the mental game but I am mentally and physically exhausted from a very busy playing week. Eighty one down with ninteen to go.

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