The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Another week where the weather and daylight limited play. Wednesday went to Scenic Valley where I shot a smooth 82 and went back there today and shot an even smoother 86.  The 82 I can blame a little on the weather as it was cold 42 but today I can only blame that score on my pea brain. Needless to say tweaking the tweak did not work at all, although a lot of my scoring was due to a very bulky putter. Just like I said my pea brain. The debate that I am having with my pea brain right now is whether to talk about the swing thing I have been doing. I probably will write it about in later blogs since I did write about all the assinine things I tried before I find the thing, despite these last two rounds, that has given me the best success I have had on the golf course in a long time. This week is looking pretty shaky weather wise so we will see how much golf I get to play. Discouraged but not defeated this golfer will carry on.

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