The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Back in the Burgh this week after a great trip and Christmas visit with the grandkids. Did not get to play any golf this week because of holiday duties, but this week our weather is looking none too bad, so maybe  a round or two may get played this week. This week I thought  I would write about the recent ruling that will eventually ban the use of the belly putter and the long putter. I admit, I haven’t read a lot of articles about the rulings but the one thing that I haven’t seen discussed much, is why now. These two types of clubs have been around for a long, long, long, long time. Phil Rodgers used a belly putter in the sixties no less and the long putter has been around since the early eighties. So is this what dictates the rules of golf. Its not the method, but how much success the method creates, that determines if it should be banned or not. If this was such an offensive way to get the ball into the hole, why wasn’t it banned in 1985 or 95. Its not like these are new ideas. I think the ruling bodies of golf,namely the USGA, do as much to deter people from playing golf as they do to promote the game. There is no question there should be 2 sets of rules in golf. One set for the elite 300 to 400 PGA and European pros, and another set for the recreational player. All other sports have different rules at different levels.  Some rules that should be changed are out of bounds, tapping of spike markes, lost ball and more lenient ground under repair which would allow a player to take his ball out of a divot. The USGA does nothing to really help speed up play. Changing the above rules would speed up play. I am still more mystified by the timing of the rulings  than anything else. Was it ok for older guys to use these methods but when the younger players started to resort to belly and long putters,the USGA just couldn’t take it. Do they really think these methods give an unfair advantage to the ones that use it. If they  do, then shame on them for taking this long to do something about it and for letting them continue to use these implements for another 3 seasons. How will Tiger ever win another major with all these belly putters around for the next 3 seasons. Holy shitballs! Well as I said before it looks like I might be able to get a couple of rounds this week and next week will be a year in review. See you then.

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