The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Let’s continue with the shoulder golf swing. What will happen to your golf swing when you try to keep the arms from having any influence. The one thing that will happen is your swing will become more upright. This will be a natural occurence which you will not have to think about. Because of this you should stand just slightly closer to the ball, no more than about one half inch. The other thing that will feel a little strange, will be the all important transition phase of the swing. When you make your golf swing with your arms folded across your chest your swing will be controlled by turning your left shoulder down and around under your chin, and then to start the downswing you will bring the right shoulder down and around toward the ball. This is what you will try to do, but what will happen is you will still feel your lower body intiate the downswing. Naturally, this is what is supposed to happen. It just seems to happen anyway even though you think you are initiating the downswing with your right shoulder. Obviously do not fight this, and I can not explain why this happens, but just be thankful that your subconscious has taken over and your legs are leading the way. In the beginning of doing this swing, I would try to fight this, by stopping or trying to control my lower body. When I allowed the lower body to do what it was supposed to do the results were phenomenal. You still think of  your right shoulder turning down and back to the ball  and the rest will take care of itself. Now to those pesky arms. To see what those arms are suppose to do on the backswing this is the first drill to do. Take your address position, fold the arms and start your backswing but only turn your shoulder about 10 degrees and stop. Then release the arms and see where they are. Fold them back and turn another 10 degrees and release. Continue the process until you make a complete backswing. Now you know where your arms are going to be during the completion of the backswing. On a normal backswing when it is completed the arms will continue to raise up to their destiny at the top of the swing. Believe me they will move. There is no way you will be able to stop them at the same point as the shoulder turn and nor should you want to. Just remember the more you make a golf swing with your arms folded acrose your chest the more you will get the feel of this very very simple swing. Then grab a club and repeat the feel with that restricted follow through. Next week I will discuss the unsuccessful tweak and why this did not work as well for putting and chipping.

5 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Question: When you say, “arms folded across your chest,” do you mean standard address position with upper arms (tricepts) touching the chest and not becoming detached on the backswing, or something else? If you could include a link to an image or clarify, that would be great. Thanks!


    1. The best picture of this is in the book The Golf Swing by David Leadbetter. He calls this the pivot drill, but it is so much more than that. When I say folded across your chest I mean that your left hand should be touching the top of your right shoulder and your right hand should be touching your left shoulder when you are in the normal address position. Then you make your golf swing. This swing is a swing that is made with absolutely no influence of the arms. I hope this is helpful.


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