The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

All right, we are into February and hopefully the 2013 golf season is just around the corner. I have been discussing what I consider the real controling factor in the golf swing, the turning of the shoulders. In order to accomplish this we just make our golf swing with the arms folded across the chest and then repeat the procedure with the golf club in hand. One little trick to expedite this is to have the golf club against your chest, being held by the fold of the 2 elbows and then just take the club with your hands  and make a golf swing.  One swing with the club going across your chest and then one regular swing with the club in your hands. Now here is what I expect to happen and what I hope to accomplish in the 2013 golf season.

I expect my ball striking to continue to be good, if not better in 2013.  I do not look at this as an experiment any more. This is a better way of going about hitting the golf ball. Remember this is a muscle thing not a technique thing. You can apply the shoulder swing to any method you want. Stack and Tilt, Natural Golf, Harmon, Haney, Leadbetter,or any other method that catches your fancy.

The one thing I did not do with this method is really get into working the golf ball, which I think is essential to really good scoring. My basic shot with this method was a slight fade and I really did not get into drawing the ball.  That will be the first objective this year is to get back to drawing and fading the golf ball.

The second objective will be developing a solid reliable chipping and putting method. Naturally during the winter rest away from golf, I have been working on some ideas and unique techniques which will be tested early this year. That will be one of the keys to my early scoring, or lack of scoring. As you well know I used many swing things that had high hopes and then went to the invisible trash can.

It will be just a matter of time now, and I will be hitting the links again. Over these next couple of weeeks or so I thought I would just have some fun and write about what makes this game so God awlful goofy. Lets hope for an early spring. 

2 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. vet4golfing51

    I like the fact you have a plan. I am not sure that one has to shape to the to score really well, but I definitely understand the reasoning. I agree that working on reliable putting and chipping is a must. The basics are the key. I too am hoping for an early spring.

    The Grateful Golfer.


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