The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Even though I like to call golf goofy, the weather took that honor this week. On Friday May 24th, the temperature never got out of the 40’s and winds were around 20 to 30 miles per hour. Unfortunately this was the day of the 2 man scramble at South Park. These weather conditions were just a little too tough for a couple of mid 60 year olds. Pete and I had a bad day all around, getting only one birdie and 7 bogeys, to shoot a pretty lackluster 78, which was near the bottom of the field. This is Memorial Day and with the holiday, the blog is running one day late. The weather remained on the cool side for the rest of the weekend, but nothing as bad as Friday. The week was fairly blah except for today where I was able to muster a 2 over par 75 at Rolling Acre with some hope being shone for the pathetic short game. On Wednesday under 80 degree temps I shot 81 at Quicksilver and yesterday shot 77 at Buffalo. Yesterdays round was particlularly galling because I played very well but the short game was horendous and thus the 7 over par round. I hit 11 greens in regulation and shot 7 over, I’ll let you do the math. Today I hit 12 greens in regulation but did better in the up and down department thus the 2 over par score. I did make some adjustments in the short game technique and although I am not ready to take them to the bank I did see some reason for hope. The putting could be rated fair at best. Still trying to find some mental keys, but I still think the mystery lies it how much of a problem with ones golf game is physical and how much is it mental. Does one problem cause another problem. Can some kind of mental block or problem cause you to make physical mistakes. Or does some technique problem creep in first, that leads to broken confidence and other mental mistakes and blocks. I do not have the answer to this predicament. If you watched the tournament yesterday, you saw one of the leaders, while he was having one of the great rounds of the tournament. chile dip a chip in the bunker, then failed to get the ball out of the bunker, and barely made a 6 foot putt for a double bogey. This cost him the tournament. Boo Weekly, who won the tournament, missed 2 short putts down the stretch, which fortunately did not cost him the tournament. It is amazing, that even the golfing elite will make big mistakes at the worse times. Today’s round was my best round in a long long time. I may not be any closer to the answer but I have learned one thing during this scoring and short game problem. The answer can only be found on the golf course, not the driving range, the putting green, or the back yard. Next week looks like it is going to warm up and I see myself playing 3 to 4 rounds. We will see if I really have some momentum.

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