The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Due to some inclement weather I was limited to three rounds of golf this week, but they were very good rounds, none the less. I shot 75 on Wednesday at Fort Cherry, another 75 at South Park and then shot the best round of the year, a 71 at Ponderosa which was -0.5 on the index. I putted much better this week, with my putting overcoming some chip yips today. The amazing thing about today’s round was that I started bogey, double bogey, and then hit a drive on the third hole, that took an unexpected direct right kick and landed in a fairway bunker from behind. I hit a 7 iron about 10 yards short of the green, pitched up about 8 foot from the hole and made the tricky downhiller for the par. From that point on, I played the last 15 holes 3 under par,with 3 birdies and 12 pars, to shoot the even par 71.  Yes I am doing some mental things different but I want to write about something in general that may be a key to everyone being able to play the game at their best level. As you know I am fascinated by some of the odd swings that you see on the PGA tour, past and present. One of the reasons I started this blog was to find a better way to play this game. I was of the opinion, that instruction has failed miserably in helping people improve their games. Today with video you can see about every inch of your golf swing.  Bob Rotella states this in his books that despite all the high technology around, the average golfer’s handicap has never really improved over the years. He of course blames this on the mental game. Maybe what the problem is, is not the teaching methods but the student. What I mean by that, maybe we all aren’t accepting some of the idiosyncrocies of our golf swings. In other words why did  instructors  allow players to continue swinging the golf club in such odd ways. Furyk’s swing, Goydos’s swing, Daly’s swing, and watching Phil’s big driver swing which despite working with Mr compact swing Butch Harman goes way below parallel on his drive. Is there such a thing as a death move in golf. I am not too sure any more. Rick Smith wrote a book about finding your on golf swing and of course there is the one plane and two plane swings but it goes way beyond that. Wouldn’t you like to see Jim Furyk swing a medicus.   Do you think he could make one swing without breaking it. Maybe golf doesn’t follow the final step of the mentor-student relationship. That’s where the student no longer needs the teacher. The point is, the key to getting better in golf, is to allow your swing to have a mind of its own. Don’t fight your bodies tendencies. If something feels good don’t worry about it being right. I think the only exception to this is the grip. Of course the grip is not the swing. In future blogs I will write about how I have tried to apply this to my own game. I have quit trying to fight what I perceived as swing flaws and have done a few things that are against some of the golf fundenmentals. I am not totally convinced that this may have been a fluky week but it sure was fun. Some new courses I think will be added this week as we are heading down the home stretch.

2 Replies to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Vet
    Great playing! It is amazing how one hole can change the round. 3 under for the last 15 holes…nice! I like you point about worrying less about ones swing and more about actually playing golf. Great advice for everyone.


  2. Great observation on the swing idiosyncrasies and not to fight them. I was struggling in my range warmup the last day of my MB trip and decided I’d just setup a little open and play a cut that day and not fight it because if felt good. I hit it great then and tried the same dang cut today and couldn’t hit water from a boat. A great reminder that the game owns us and not vise versa. Keep up the solid play!


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