The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Even though temperatures are well above normal, it is a rainy day in the Burgh and no golf today. Only one round was played this week because of snow cover, but it was a pretty solid 77 at Scenic Valley. Even I, Mr. Shoulder Control Swing himself, forgets just how dominate the arms can be, and ruin a golf shot. I righted the ship around the 13th hole and made some nice putts to break 80 in less than ideal conditions. I have also made an equipment change in by driver and fairway clubs that has made a big difference so far. It has been tough to evaluate totally because I have been playing in mostly cold temperatures which will effect distances and ball flight.

Today I will discuss one of the mental A’s, with the first one being a negative one, anger. However is anger always negative. After all, we often see the best golfers getting angry and slamming clubs on the ground and letting out the F bomb, especially the No. 1 player in the world.  Tiger at times has espoused an eastern philosphy and I supposed if the Buddha had ever played golf he may have thrown a club once in awhile,too. The key here is the timing of the anger. On the golf course, you want to stay as calm as possible no matter how frustrated you get. Then when you get home just beat the shit out of a loved one and you will feel much better. Maybe thats why I am divorced. Just kidding, not about the divorce. I also wasn’t kidding about the timing. Everyone at times is going to have let off a little bit of steam on the golf course. Do it after the shot is totally done. If you react immediately to a misplayed shot, you will lose all feedback from the mistake. This can be difficult especially with putts. Never walk after a putt before it stops rolling no matter how bad you think it is going to be. I wish I could say that I follow this rule, but I am as quilty of this as next golfer. If you can do this, your putting in the long run will improve. Same thing with golf shots, don’t react negatively to the shot until it hits the ground and stops rolling. Again you will see improvement in future shots. If things are just going badly and you can’t just help yourself then do something from the shot to bag or the green to the bag. Slamming the club in bag is a good one. Throwing the ball is a good one. Try not to throw clubs or bang clubs in the ground because of injury. Again I wish I could say I have never tossed one, but it wouldn’t even be close to being true. I also like kicking things, air, golf cart tires, and tree trunks. If you are going to get pissed off so to speak, do it after the shot. Feedback is the key to improving during the round. Over reacting to shots completely blocks your feedback mechanism.

This week looks like there are some playable days in the middle of the week. If these forecasts aren’t right I am really going to be pissed off. See you next Sunday.

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