The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

The blog is two days late and I will explain that later, as this was a wild and wooly week. First to the weeks scores. Mt Lebo 9 35     Fort Cherry  84     Mt Lebo 9 38     South Park 76 Scenic Valley 79. Nothing to write home about, although there was some solid play along the way.

I tried a new putting technique this week, which was a dismal failure. In right handed terms I tried a left hand low split grip and I mean a really split grip. I put my left hand at the bottom of the grip near the steel and my right hand at the top of the club. There were two things that I thought were a positive effect of this grip. First it made your shoulders parallel to your intended line and it allowed you to keep your left arm straight during the stroke. I thought this might me a way for me to putt right handed. To make a long story short, it proved to me that putting is close to 100% mental, which in the long run may prove to be helpful. My putting grip contributed heavily to my wonderful 84 at Fort Cherry.

The search on how to get the mind and the body connected may have made some progress this week. When you try to get the mind to control the body is when you get into big trouble. The best way to get control of the body is to give up control of the body. A little Zen-Buddist philosphy thrown in here and I would love to go in to it more and I will,when I am more up to it.

Ah yes, when I am more up to it, which will explain why the blog is two days late. Around Friday through Saturday for some undetermined reason I began to develope lower right back pain. Now I have never had any serious back issues in the past. I had some lower left back issuues that have flared up three times in 38 years but they were always from something I did and never lasted for more than a week and swinging a golf club never seemed to make it worse. Even this lower right back pain did not seem to effect how I could swing a golf club. In fact my Saturday round at the Park was amazing because it was on a blustery cold day. However, at 12:30 am on Sunday I could not get out of bed for 5 minutes the pain was so great. Despite that I did play golf Sunday and could swing relatively well. In hindsight this was probably a mistake. What was weird is that sleeping made it much worse. I was able to go to work on Monday and had a short day today. You never know how important it is to tie your shoes until you cannot do it. Today with rest and finding a way to sleep on my stomach, I am much better about 40%. I am hoping that I will be able to get on the links this weekend. Hopefully I will have something to write about next week and be back on the Sunday blog.

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