The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

Well this week was moving along quite nicely until today. It was a busy week with five rounds played. I shot 74 at Indian Run, 75 at Hartmans, 79 at Scenic Valley, 76 at Indian Run, and 86 at Highland Springs. Today was a complete mental meltdown. The bizzare thing I am doing is still working quite nicely as evident by the first four scores. The 79 at Scenic Valley was low lighted by 2 four putt greens.  My long game is doing well but my short game and my short irons today were horrible. In one respect I feel I have found the mind body connection with the long game. However I have not been able to apply this at least to the short game, and my scores have suffered.

Today was particularly bad, because on every shot from the fairway I felt that I had the wrong club in my hand. Needless to say the results of the shots were not good. The chip yips were back in full force and my putting was yippy and mediocre at best. This is where it gets, in my view, somewhat interesting. Even though my mind body connection is at its best right now on executing the swing, the other parts of my mental game are so bad that my scores were not as good as they should have been. Let’s go back to my statement that I felt like on every shot I had the wrong club in my hand. Most of the time I felt that I had too much club in my hand. Now, why didn’t I go back to my bag and get less club. I don’t know why. I am not about do go into what I am doing with my golf swing right now, but that does contribute to this problem. I could have easily corrected this, if I had gone back to my bag, and got less club. Right now I do not have an explanation. I must solve the chip yip problem and get better focused. It is amazing that you can score this badly and strike the ball this well. The week coming up the grand kids are coming to town so golf will be on the back burner this week with only one or two rounds being played at the most. I will have plenty of time to contemplate the problem and come up with some kind of a solution. The long game though is simply still exhilerating and I found the answer. Now we have to get it once we get close to the green.

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