The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer

After about a month’s hiatus the blog is coming from San Diego where the golf game is taking a little hiatus, as it is fun and good times with the grandkids. The golf game continued on a nice run for 2 more rounds with a 72 and a 77. Then I went into a real tailspin, with rounds of 84, 82, 87, 77, 81, 80, and 81. These were played on some courses that were not even that hard. On September 17th I played 36 holes. The first 18 was at Village Green and I shot 81. Then on to Indian Run,  and I bogeyed  the 1st hole, bogeyed the 2nd hole and double bogeyed the 3rd hole. Now the 3rd is a pretty short par 4 with some trouble on the right, which of course I found, which lead to a chip out and the subsequent double bogey. Going to the 4th hole, needless to say, I was in a state of frustrated despair. I just made that up “frustrated despair” but I really like it. Any way from that point on, something just clicked in the other direction and I played the next 15 holes 2 under par and shot 73. I followed that up with a 75 at South Park and another 75 at Scenic Valley. The 75 at Scenic Valley was a grinding 75 where I made a double bogey, 2 bogies, a birdie and 14 pars. I  hit a lot of mediocre shots and missed 2 short putts but managed to shoot a pretty descent round. So what happened. How did I go from an 80 shooter to playing the next 51 holes 4 over par. Without any detailed explanations, here are the highlights.

Ball position seemed to be a key factor on the physical side of the game

Maintaining a calm demeanor

Better shot evaluation during the round.

Playing the proper shot

Making final adjustments before executing the shot.

Being instinctive

Its only 51 holes and time will tell if any of the above will keep me scoring and avoiding frustrated despair. How did this all come about after the 21st hole on Wednesday September the 17th. I have no idea. I won’t get back to the golf groove until October 1 and right now I am just enjoying this beautiful weather and being a grand parent.

I know the Ryder Cup is coming and I will be watching it, but I must say that I don’t get as excited about it as I once did. I think some of the luster came off the Ryder Cup, when they started the President’s Cup. I think more interest would be created if we went back to every other year and all three teams would play each other at the same time. You would have to tweak the format a little bit by doing only alternate shot and singles. I think best ball may be a little time consuming. Maybe they could do a scramble. Just think how great the strategy might be. Your ahead in one match but behind in the other match. Do you gamble to catch up on the one side or play more conservatively to maintain the lead in the other match. Having a three team match would be great and the Americans would only have to play every other year like everybody else. See you in about 10 days.

One Reply to “The Goofy Game of Golf Searching for the Answer”

  1. Vet, interesting concept about the three team match; I like it. Unfortunately, there’s too much money to be made with separate events. Also, your streak seems to be just a natural phenomenon for those who play a lot of golf. It’s like baseball. You just expect to go on runs of peak and suboptimal activity over the course of the year.




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