The Goofy Game of Golf Executing the Answer

The blog is back after a month, and a busy month it has been. Like all stories, lets start at the beginning. The last blog was when I had just arrived in San Diego, the Sunday before Christmas. The Christmas holiday was great and watching those grandkids opening their gifts was wonderful. Christmas is definitely for kids. On the Saturday after Christmas I got to play golf at the Bernardo Heights Country Club. What is wild is that I started the 2014 season there, and now I have ended it at the same golf course. Even stranger, I shot the same score, 76 both times. That however, is where the similarity of the rounds end. In my opening round of the year I hit the ball only fair at best but had a great day putting, making about 8  putts of 8 feet or more for par. The December 27th round I hit the ball beautifully but only putted so so, and missed some really good birdie looks, and shot the same score. I may have found the answer, but this does not make the game any less goofy.

I arrived back at the Burgh on December 28th, and got emerged  into the college football bowl season and watched all 39 bowl games. It was a wild and wooly bowl season with plenty of great plays and some pretty strange coaching decisions. The two toppers were the decision of the one coach in one of the lesser bowl games to ice the kicker on the extra point by wasting 2 timeouts with 50 seconds left in the game when a field goal would have won the game, when his team got the ball back. Needless to say the extra point was made. The team with only one time out could not get into field position to win the game, and then went on to lose the game in overtime. The other one, was where Baylor had a 41 to 27 lead over Michigan State with about 4 minutes left in the game. Instead of trying to milk some time off the clock, Baylor tried to get a “bigger win”, even going for it on 4th down on the MSU 45 yard line. This allowed MSU to come back and win the game 42-41. Of course, the big highlight, was my Ohio State Buckeyes winning the first college football play off and becoming national champions. I must admit, I didn’t think they would beat Wisconsin  in the Big Ten championship game, let alone go all the way. Even the third string quarterback didn’t bother me as much as the Buckeye defense. For whatever reason, that defense just came alive in those last three games. It was one great way to top off the bowl season. In the midst of all the football, I managed to play 9 holes of golf on January 4th in balmy 55 degree temperatures but with some very strong winds. Having my best putting day since finding the answer, I managed to shoot an even par 35.

And now for the big news. On January 16th 2015, Carson Michael Gloff, my third grand child came into this world kicking and screaming. After a brief visit to the neonatal ICU of 4 hours mom and grandson are doing great. I am truly blessed. As the blog will get back into the full swing, no pun intended,  I will discuss things I have done in trying to execute the answer. Some have been more tested than others, but I am going  to discuss them all.    I will discuss each facet of the game, the full swing, the short game, and putting. See you next week.

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