The Goofy Game of Golf Trying to Execute the Answer

This week was blah, in more ways than one. About mid week I came down with a cold and this affected the weekend play. What I am amazed about is the part of your game that is affected the most. I drove the ball well, all weekend but it was poor putting that led to an 82 at South Park on Saturday and an 81 at Scenic Valley on Sunday.  My mid week was highlighted by a nice 75 at Scenic Valley in some very high wind conditions. It was probably playing in such wind chill conditions, that led me to getting a cold. Wednesday was a very rainy day so it was only a 3 round week. The weather and my health is improving rapidly so I will be playing tomorrow and Wednesday. Then on Saturday I will be heading for San Diego to celebrate my grand daughters 8th birthday. Golf will be on the back burner for the next couple of weekends. The next two blogs will be coming from San Diego.

So with this little break coming I thought I would reflect on how I think things are going so far this year. I have played 21 rounds of golf  this spring. I have played in some nasty conditions at times and other times the weather as been ok. I am driving the ball as well as I ever have. I am in a little slump with my irons, but I think that my good ball striking has gone to my head a little, and I am trying to be way too precise with my distances and this is causing too much tension in the swing. My chipping has been good with hardly a yip this year. My putting has been erratic as ever and trying to find that days putting method has been the biggest challenge so far this year. After this 12 day break from the game, things will begin to escalate on all fronts with the game. I shall know within the next 3 months if I am going to be able to execute the answer at all aspects of the game.  Even though I think I am improving at every level of my game, the numbers do not lie, and I have not produced the desired results, quite yet.  See you next week, coming from San Diego.

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