100% Mental Golf Rounds 86 to 94

This stretch of golf really had its ups and downs on all aspects of the game. The scores were as follows 73,82,74,79,81,84,77,76,and 76. My index stayed at 4.2, despite the wildness of play. The weather has been good, and the courses are in about as good shape as they have been all year. The last three rounds have shown some consistency, but I would like to be a little lower with that consistency. The high rounds were caused by the usual suspects, poor putting. the short game blues, and really horrible shots. I have stayed with the 100% mental concept pretty well, but did lapse into some physical changes during some of the bad rounds, and even rounds that were not so bad. The 77 round was one where I went through three swing changes, during the round. That is just being mental, not mental golf. The last two rounds have been much better on keeping with the principle, I think.

When I say I think, I feel I am doing 100% Mental Golf but in a different way. Maybe when we are out on the golf course, we are thinking about the wrong things. Trying to picture the shot may not be the way to go. The standard technique is to stand behind the ball, and picture where and how you want the ball to go. It is what I have always believed in, and there is nothing in the books, about the mental process of the golf shot, that will contradict this. It is especially true, when you are putting or hitting a short shot, to visualize the ball going into the hole. On a chip or pitch, you are supposed to picture the trajectory the ball and how it is going land and roll as it makes its way toward the cup. On good visualization days you can picture that ball going into the hole. Many times, this seems to be the real key to playing great golf. It was, in my mind, the original 100 % Mental Golf concept. You read or hear about players, that are just picturing the shot, and hitting the shot right where they are aiming. But even for the pros this visualization process seems to come and go. Whether it is pressure or not, who knows, but we have all seen some of the best golfers in the world make some bad shots and putts at the worse times. Maybe the visualization process is not what it is cut out to be. I am going to go a little different way. I know this is about the 71st time I have gone a little different way over the last 9 years, but damn it I know there is something missing on figuring out the best way to play this game. I will only play about 3 rounds this week due to some appointments. Then the next week I am going on vacation for a week. Even though it might be only 3 rounds, I will blog about it next Sunday.

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