Pirates Morning Report

Final Score: Pirates 2 Brewers 19

Why The Pirates Lost: Contreres just didn’t have it last night, and it was just as well because nobody else did either. This is the third blow out of the season for the Pirates. They have given up 21, 18, and now 19 runs in a single game. In 4 other games, they have given up 10 runs or more. One thing about the Pirates they know how to lose. I wonder if there have been any seasons where the Pirates have given up 18 runs or more in 3 games. I am sure you won’t hear any of that coming out of the Pirate broadcast booth. It was fitting that this was Pirate charities night. Maybe Major League Baseball can give the Pirates some players, particularly some pitchers. Cruz can thank Derek (Nothing is going to get past me) Shelton, for challenging a call trailing 17-1, allowing Cruz to get an RBI. Did you notice that the umpire could barely keep a straight face when he announced the overturn?

Key Moment of The Game: The top of the 8th inning may have seen a little-known Major-League record. Someone with more time on their hands than I have may be able to find this out, but Cam Vieaux threw 48 pitches before he recorded his first out. I have to wonder if anybody else threw more before he recorded a single out. He finished the inning, which is just as amazing. He did come close to the most pitches thrown in one inning which is 61.

Next Game: This afternoon, Brewers in Pittsburgh. No one knows who is going to pitch today. Both clubs have asked Major League Baseball if they would allow pitching machines for at least 5 innings. There is only one thing certain about today’s game Cam Vieaux will not pitch. There is even uncertainty about whether or not the Pirates will even show up. They didn’t last night.

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