Pirates Morning Report

Final Score: Pirates 5 Yankees 2

Why The Pirates Won: The Pirates did it all last night, hit, pitched and fielded their way to victory over the mighty Yankees. The Pirates are 6-1 against the Yankees and the Dodgers this year. Quintana pitched a strong 5 innings, and the bullpen kept the Yankees at bay for the final 4 innings. The hitters got 2 home runs and 2 doubles and scored 5 runs which was more than enough to win. The defense made no errors and came up with some big plays when the Yankees threatened. It was about as a complete game that the Pirates played this year.

Key Moment of The Game: In the top of the 7th the Yankees put runners on first and second via a single and a walk, with one out, and Aaron Judge coming to bat. It looked like it was going be another disastrous 2nd inning outing for Will Crowe. However, Crowe, on a 2-2 count, induced Judge to hit into a 4-6-3 inning ending double play. Even with Duane Underwood Junior pitching the 8th, the Yankees could not do much after that. The only way Shelton could have helped the Yankees more was to pitch Castillo, but that would have really obvious. He did all he could, but the Yankees failed miserably.

Next Game: Tonight, Yankees in Pittsburgh. Mitch Keller will have his work cut out for him tonight coming off a bad outing. You never know, we may be catching the Yankees at the right time. They were shut out by the Guardians on Sunday, and they could only get one run off Duane Underwood (Do I really have to keep typing Junior after his name every time) Junior. Holy Hell, could we sweep the Yankees, no way.

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