Pirates Morning Report, Base Running 101

Final Score: Pirates 2 Brewers 3, in 11 innings

Why The Pirates Lost: This was a complete offensive debacle. In 11 innings the Pirates scored 2 runs on 6 hits and 5 walks, striking out 16 times. Then there was the base running that just made you shake your head. Cruz caught stealing twice and of course the Jake Marisnick, I think I’ll just try to sneak home from 3rd base. You have heard of the hidden ball trick. Marisnick thought he would try the invisible runner trick. A great move by one of our accomplished Major League players recently brought up. He was just trying to make up for those 2 home runs he hit and felt he had to give one back. Another good start, this time by Zach Thompson, was wasted. Will Crowe may have set some kind of recored. Threw 5 pitches and gave up 2 hits and loss, no outs. The Pirates did not wait to get to high altitude to become light headed and dizzy.

Key Moment of The Game: Allowing Billy Hamilton to get a hit. It resulted in the run that kept the Pirates from winning 1-0. This guy is one of the worst hitters in baseball. It’s a wonder he is not on the Pirates.

Next Game: Tonight, the Rockies in Colorado. No matter who starts tonight we will see if anybody knows how to play this game. Everyone seemed out to lunch yesterday.

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