Pirates Morning Report, There Are No Routine Plays For The Pirates

Final Score: Pirates 2 Cubs 3

Why The Pirates Lost: The slumber company continues to not disappoint. Last night, 2 runs, 8 hits, 5 singles, to go along with 2 walks. All of this against a starting pitcher who Greg Brown described as a journeyman pitcher, no disrespect meant scumbag. Greg Brown was full of himself last night, making other comments both positive and negative about many players. You knew he was going to say a lot of inane things, when he started the game by saying that it was likely that Van Meter would be gone by the trade deadline. His words were “It would not be a surprise to see Van Meter on the move by the trade deadline”. VAN METER FOR GOD’S SAKE. Who would want him? The idea is to pick up a player to help you make the playoffs, not one who will guarantee you won’t. Maybe it would be like money ball, and they would get a pop machine in return. The only way that Van Meter will not be on this team by the trade deadline is if he is DFA’d. The bottom line is the Pirates lost another game by playing inferior players, when there are better players either not on the team or not playing.

The Key Play of The Game: Not being able to make the routine play on a ground ball to short resulted in the Cubs scoring the go ahead run in the bottom of the 8th. They charged the error to Cruz, which could change, but the Pirates could not execute the routine play. They made some spectacular defensive plays out there, but the error on the routine play cost them the game.

Next Game: This afternoon, Cubs in Chicago. Bryce Wilson takes the mound today, which just about guarantees a Cub win. The only hope is that the slumber company wakes up, which they do every once in a while. Just hold your breath on those routine plays.

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