Pirates Morning Report, Two Is The Magic Number

Final Score: Pirates 2 Phillies 4, in 10 innings

Why The Pirates Lost: This was the 45th time this season that the Pirates scored 2 runs or less. This is almost half. You are not going to win many games with that little of an offensive punch. Quintana pitched well enough to keep teams interested in him. When he left the game the score was 1-0. He got 2 outs in the 6th but then fell apart by giving up a walk, a single, and another walk. Then Shelton made the move to the bullpen and De Los Santos got out of the inning.

Key Moment of The Game: Of course, Shelton could not leave well enough alone. He decided to play musical chairs with the bullpen in the top of the 7th and it failed miserably. Why take De Los Santos out in the first place only The Shadow knows. The strategy allowed the Phillies to get the 2 runs to tie the game. Then DUJ gave up the big blast in the top of the 10th and the Pirates strolled to another defeat.

Next Game: Tonight, Phillies in Pittsburgh. The bats continue to slumber, proving Thursday’s night rally was nothing more than a fluke. Whew! It makes you wonder if they don’t have defective I-Pads. The Phillies getting a sweep is looking more and more likely,but we will see what tonight brings. Swing for the fences Tsutsugo.

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