Pirates Morning Report, 3 Hours 34 Minutes of Living Hell

Final Score: Pirates 1 Reds 10

How the 2023 Pirates Did: Other than the fact that Rudolfo Castro hit a home run, they stunk just like everyone else, including the Reds pitching staff. Only 5 of the 2023 Pirates started and they went collectively 3 for 17 and collected 4 walks. Cruz had another throwing error which led to a run, and still looks lost at the plate. Tyler Beede did not really pitch all that bad. In the 4th the Reds got some bleeders and bloopers for hits and then they just teed off on him, as he probably ran out of gas. It really didn’t matter as the Pirate’s bats were as quiet as church mice. The Reds pitcher’s must not have known the score, or thought they were playing the Yankees, instead of the Pirates. They walked 8 batters, including 2 in the bottom of the 9th leading 10-1. The top of the 6th was a game synopsis. There was catcher interference that needed reviewed. Next a hit by pitch that needed reviewed. Two strike outs in a row. Another walk and a pop up to the infield to end the inning. Six batters, one ball in play and the bases loaded took a long time to execute. The game took 3 hours and 34 minutes to play and was just plain excruciating to watch. No one had to be told that this was the 4th and 5th place teams in the embarrassing National League Central Division. This was fireworks night, so the fans had to stay until the end of this God forsaken game, that set baseball back 100 years. Shame on the Pirates and Reds for playing this great game so poorly and slowly to boot.

Key Moment of The Game: It wasn’t so much the key moment as it set the tone for whole game. Tucupita Marcano opened the game for the Pirates by doubling to the right field corner. Bob Walk and Joe Blockhead were extolling on how baseball smart Marcano is, when he got picked off second base. Bob Walk said I guess we were talking nonsense, which sums up his whole broadcast career.

Next Game: This afternoon, Reds in Pittsburgh. Maybe they will be able to play a 4-hour game today. Who cares what goofy lineup Shelton comes up with today. That was a disgrace to baseball last night.

2 Replies to “Pirates Morning Report, 3 Hours 34 Minutes of Living Hell”

  1. love your commentary/coverage of this pathetic team. Turned the game off in the bottom of the 1st — marcano picked was just stupid but Newman’s AB is what did it for me — I cant stand watching him bat — he looks way too lost for someone with as many AB’s as he has had. It was his whole approach to the AB that made zero sense — Reds starter is wild to Marcano forcing him to put one over the plate for marcano to lace down the line — What does clueless newman do on the first pitch which is a ball in the dirt? he offers to bunt — has no chance at bunting this pitch but he offers anyway — strike 1 —– Marcano picked soon after and newman then waves hopelessly at strike 3 a ball way outside — turned it off right there — GARBAGE — Cherrington sucks – Shelton sucks and most of these “players” suck.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. This has been a lost year, but I do see some hope next year which I will go into detail after the season is over. I am hoping the Pirates are taking big advantage of a broken MLB system when it comes to player service credit. The strike did not really change that all.


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