Pirates Morning Report, Routine Plays And Throwing Strikes

How The 2023 Pirates Did: There were 6 of the 2023 Pirates in the starting lineup and none of them really distinguished themselves. This was probably the worst game that the group has played. Ke’Bryan Hayes and Oneil Cruz each committed errors on routine plays. The group only got 2 hits, with Cruz, Hayes, Delay, and Chavis going 0 for 14, striking out 6 times, with no walks. All in all, it was not a good day for the 2023 Pirates. Zach Thompson pitched a nice 4 innings but why he was taken out after 62 pitches, with an overworked bullpen, I will never know. Even though it was not their fault the left-handed relievers scoreless streak ended at 8 and a 1/3 innings. The bullpen gave up 8 walks and 5 hits but only gave up 4 earned runs, and 2 of those were walked in with the bases loaded. This was one gift wrapped win for the Brewers.

Key Moment of the Game: The entire bottom of the 7th when the Brewers scored 4 runs on just 3 hits and were walked 4 times. Two of the batters had 2 strikes on them when they walked. It was a painful inning to watch. From the 5th inning on, the whole game was painful to watch. The failure to make routine plays and throw strikes, makes you not want to watch the Pirates on a full stomach. In fact, it makes you not want to watch the Pirates on an empty stomach.

Next Game: Friday, Blue Jays in Pittsburgh. The roster will expand to 28 so there is no telling what the Pirates will do. Right now, they are in a dead heat with the A’s and just 5 up in the loss column with the Nationals, in the battle for the worst record in baseball. The overall no. 1 pick in the draft is not out of the question. It will take some doing, but Van Meter, Allen, Newman, Gamel, and Heineman are ready. The Pirate brass will have 24 hours to think of ways to put more scum on the field. They may not even have to try that hard, because 15 or the next 18 games are against playoff contenders and division leaders. Despite the bad game yesterday I still would like to see about 10 games this year where the 2023 Pirates take the field.

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