Pirates Morning Report, Well, It Was a Good 6 Innings.

How The 2023 Pirates Did: There were 8 of the 2023 Pirates in the starting lineup and they lost for the 2nd straight game. They could not really get runs across the plate, but it was the 28 and 29 year old rejects that contributed heavily to this loss. More on that later. Oneil Cruz got 2 hits and drove in the only run. Reynolds, Mitchell, Delay, and Castro got 1 hit each. Suwinski and Chavis had tough games going 0 for 8, striking out 6 times. Roansy Contreras pitched another solid if not spectacular game giving up 1 run on 4hits, walking 2, and striking out 5 over 6 innings, throwing 92 pitches. It dropped the 2023 Pirates record to 2-2 and they are going to have to find ways to put more runs on the board even w hen Van Meter is the DH. Can you believe that? Why don’t the Pirates just let pitchers’ bat, but I guess that would be too obvious.

Key Moment of The Game: After the Oneil Cruz triple with one out that drove in the run, Kevin (What’s the strike zone) Newman came to bat. He swung at the first pitch that was a border line strike, but a strike none the less. The next 2 pitches were not close to the strike zone, and he swung at both of them to help cool off the crowd, but it did nothing to help score Cruz. In the top of the 7th DUJ came in to lose the game. He took a while but succeeded by giving up a single, 2 walks and then a double to clear the bases and send the Blue Jays to a 4 to 1 victory. DUJ, management loves you. Hopefully not enough to be on the team next year.

Next Game: Today at Noon, Blue Jays in Pittsburg. The game is going to be on Peacock, as the network is trying to get rid of subscribers by showing the Pirates. Could we have 3 games in a row with 7 or more of the 2023 Pirates in the starting lineup. I would be shocked if that happens. They have lost 2 in a row, so they are contributing to getting the No. 1 pick.

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