Pirates Morning Report, Day-Nightmare Doubleheader

Final Score: Day Game: Pirates 1 Mets5 Night Game: Pirates 0 Mets 10

How The 2023 Pirates Did: Too bad the Pirates had to start 7 of the 2023 Pirates in both games, which saw them miserably sink to a 3-4 record. Even though both losses were mostly due to poor pitching from pitchers who are probably not going to be here in 2023, the 2023 Pirates failed to score a run for 18 innings. The run that was scored in the 1st game was solely the work of the 29- to 30-year-old rejects. I blame this day on the team’s shock and dismay when word got out that Josh Van Meter was DFA’d. The morale in the clubhouse had to be at an all-time low. I equate this with the Brewers when they heard that Josh Hader was traded. There were a few bright spots. Oneil Cruz got 3 hits for the day. Miquel Yajure had a nice 2 inning outing giving up 0 runs on 1 hit, striking out 3 in game 1. Former Pirate Daniel “The Turtle” Vogelbach has only had 4 hits in his last 34 at bats. This proves the theory you can take the boy out of the Pirates, but you can’t take the Pirates out of the boy. The Pirates did not commit an error all day. There isn’t much left to say about a day like today. Forget about it and just move on.

Key Moment of The Day: When the sun came up. There cannot be a key moment to a game when one team is never a threat to win the game. The Pirates were behind 5-0 after the 4th inning in game 1 and behind 7-0 after the 4th inning in game 2. The Pirates rarely threatened to score in either game.

Next Game: Friday night, Cardinals in Pittsburgh We do have our 3 starting pitchers for 2023 going in this series. We can only hope that the young bats find a groove with a much needed day of rest.

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