Pirates Morning Report, One Swing and 8 Walks

Final Score: Pirates 1 Mets 5

How the 2023 Pirates Did: Rudolfo Castro had 3 hits, including a home run for the only Pirate run. Other than that, everybody else stunk. Cruz struck out every time at bat. Reynold struck out 3 times and in all, the Pirates struck out a dozen times. Meanwhile the pitchers gave up 8 walks and walked a run in with the bases loaded twice. The one swing for the Mets was a 3-run blast by Eduardo Escobar in the bottom of the 2nd with 2 out. The Mets runners were on base via a walk, what else, and the bloopiest double down the right field line. Even so, this was a horrible performance for the 2023 Pirates. It makes me want to curb my optimism for this team next year. The performance of the night was by Eric Stout. He came on in the bottom of the 6th with a runner on 1st and one out. He promptly walked the next 2 batters to load the bases. He struck out the next batter to give us hope. Then he walked the next batter on 4 pitches to force in a run. All in all, he threw 24 pitches and only 10 of those for strikes. Hopefully we will never see him in 2023. The 2023 Pirates fell to 7-9.

Key Moment of The Game: The Escobar homer was as big as it gets. There were 2 outs and it looked like Wilson may be getting out of the jam, but it was not to be. The Pirates only had 4 hits but manage to threaten to score a couple of times but could not get the big hit.

Next Game: This afternoon, Mets in New York. Jacob deGrom is going for the Mets today. The sweep is looking like a foregone conclusion. For the 3 games the Pirates have scored 5 runs on 13 hits and struck out 35 times. No hitter, anyone.

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