Pirates Morning Report, Dickerson’s Revenge

Final Score: Pirates 3 Cardinals 13

How The 2023 Pirates Did: Luis Ortiz who had 2 very nice starts, got racked for 6 runs in the 1st inning to begin a dismal performance for the 2023 Pirates. They got 6 hits with Jason Delay getting 1 and driving in 2 runs. Cal Mitchell got 2 hits and scored 1 run. It was just another blowout loss for the Pirates as the season winds slowly painfully down. Oneil Cruz did not play, as management wanted to get a good look at Kevin Newman. Cruz developed well on the bench and was also thankful that he was not part of this debacle.

Key Moment of The Game: It looked like Ortiz might get out of the inning with only 2 runs scoring despite his wildness. The bases were loaded with one out and then Corey Dickerson unloaded a bomb to clear the bases and make the score 6-0. The former Pirate exacted a nice revenge on his former teammates and this game was over.

Next Game: This afternoon, Cardinals in St. Louis. It would be so nice to see a lineup with no Newman, Gamel, Godoy or Collins. I just don’t think it will happen even this late in the season. It would be so much fun to watch, but why change things now. Just 4 games to go.

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