Meditation: Purpose

The definition of the noun purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. The verb purpose is defined, as one’s intention or objective. Google, what is the purpose of life, and you will get over 9 million hits. I looked at 10 sites devoted to helping people find their purpose of life. There are even life purpose coaches. These coaches help us find our purpose by giving us suggestions like, identifying dreams, goals, and developing success habits to achieve them. They state that we all have something within us. Supposedly, one of their helpful hints is to think of yourself at age 90. I really could not figure that one out. Quite frankly, I never want to think about that, since I am not that far away from that age. Most of these sites said the same thing but in a different way. First of all, they all feel that it is very important to find your life’s purpose even if some of the sites have a very hard time defining what life’s purpose should be. Every country, religion and science have a different opinion of what life’s purpose should be about. They do agree on one thing, finding your life’s purpose is essential, if you are going to make the most of your life. If you are into the Bible then no problem, we are dependent on God and should trust him. Your purpose in life is to do it for God. Naturally all the sites have ways and suggestions on how to find your true purpose in life. The numbers game comes up again, with one site having 5 ways to find your purpose and another site has not 18, not 20, but 19 ways to find your true purpose. One of the all time best selling books is a Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren. This is another view of it all began with God. Now, does yours truly believe that any of this horse manure has any merit. I can answer that with an emphatic no. In fact, I feel that all of this does more harm than good. If you cannot find the so called “purpose” of your life you may not want to even get out of bed. Even though the phrase purpose of life can seem similar to the meaning of life they really are two distinctly different things. The meaning of life is more an idea created by the mind. The purpose of life is a concrete thing to achieve or discover. To get back to the topic should we have a purpose in life. We do, whether we know it or not.

Let’s go back to the beginning and this time let’s leave God out of it. Let’s replace him with the two most God like individuals in the universe, the Mother and the Father. Without a woman and a man having sex and an orgasm at that exact moment you would not exist. The purpose and meaning of your life wouldn’t be worth squat, because you would not exist. Fate, luck and timing are discussed a lot when great or tragic things happen to people all over the world. However, the most fateful of day of your life was when that one sperm fertilized that particular egg. The day you were born is when your true purpose of life began, you began to exist. Believe me, you were damn happy to exist, too. You were happy and joyful but also sad and frustrated. But through all those emotions of your early life, there is not one time you thought about what the hell should my life’s purpose be. As a person gets older the ups and downs of life continue, but when life becomes burdensome is the time when we start to think about the purpose of our life. We start to wonder, what, if anything, can we do about it. The fact remains not a damn thing. We need to feel that our main purpose in life is to exist, and feel every emotion that life has to offer. We all cannot be the best of whatever we are inclined to do, but we all can be the best that we can be. We can maximize our potential in every endeavor that we do. We need to enjoy and feel every part of life, taking in fully the good and the bad. Life is what our parents gave us, and we need to thank them when we can, live every moment to its fullest, and just realize how wonderful life can be. Now, if that’s not the purpose of life then I do not know what is. Maybe I need to reread those awful websites.

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