Golf: Let’s Get Started

Golf has had a resurgence in play, thanks to the pandemic. Because of this, golf has gotten a little lazy in promoting itself and encouraging people to play. Anyone who wants to start playing golf has one big problem, when to try and get on the course. In order to learn and play golf you have to find good instruction. Between the internet and knowing other people who play golf, this is not hard to do. After taking a few lessons, what is the process of actually getting out and playing. You don’t want to go out at a peak playing time if you are just starting out playing. There is the fear factor of making a fool of yourself in front of a lot of people. Golf is a game of patience. Patience is the most important thing you can have when starting out playing the game. In order to play golf, you must be willing to take baby steps. This is the best way I know to get started and to continue to play this great game.

Once you take a couple of lessons and you feel you can at least hit the ball, then the driving range becomes your best friend. You can play an entire round of golf right on the driving range tee box. Once you are warmed up then start your round on a course that you have seen or get a course score card. Start out with your driver, if it is appropriate, and hit your opening tee shot. Continue to play the hole as best you can. One of the keys to learning how to play is to not take any shots over. If you hit a bad shot or hit a shot only a few yards count it just as you would if you were playing for real. Use the appropriate club for the shots just like you would on the golf course. Continue that process until you are within 10 yards of the green or on the green. Many driving ranges have putting greens and short game areas. Once you feel you made it on the green or close to the green then make a note of where you think you are in relation to the pin. Once you have completed the 18 holes then go to the short game area and finish the hole beginning with number 1. I would say you would need to do this for at least 7 to 10 trips to the range. Once you feel confident that you are hitting the ball ok then you are ready for the next step.

It’s time to hit the course. The first course you should play is a par 3 course, which means that all the holes are par 3’s. The length of the holes could range from 60 to 220 yards. This could be a disadvantage if you are hitting your driver over 200 yards because you may not get to hit your driver. You will experience the rest of what golf has to offer with an increase in the short game and putting. Most Par 3 courses are not that crowded and are pretty straight forward in the design of the holes. Your next step up would be to play a 9 hole course or an executive course. These courses are usually shorter, but they do have par 4 holes and some 9 hole courses have par 5’s. On these courses you will be able to use your driver and your game can continue to progress. When starting to play the game one should play these types of courses for about 20 to 30 rounds. You will be able to improve your game in a relaxed atmosphere, at your own pace.

To determine if you are ready to play a regulation golf course, you should at least be playing close to bogey golf on the previous types of courses. Most golf courses have different tees to play from. You should pick the tees that will make the course play around 5500 to 6000 yards. That is plenty of length to experience all facets of the golf game. For women that should be around 4500 to 5000 yards. When you are scoring in the mid to low 80’s then it might be time to try and stretch out the length of the golf course out a bit. There are many times that courses are less crowded. Usually in the middle of the day between noon and 2 pm are times when the course will see a lull in the action. There are some courses that may not be popular for various reason. Maybe they are difficult to get to or the condition of the course may not be that great. When starting out this can be to your advantage where you can play somewhere and not feel rushed. You can take your time and work on your game. Driving a little further to play a course that is not that crowded is well worth it.

Golf is a much more demanding sport on the body than most people realize. There is a lot of twisting and turning when making a golf swing, even when making a beginner’s poor golf swing. Golf can be difficult to learn and play and you must be ready to go through the proper levels of learning and playing in order to enjoy the game. Every area of the country has plenty of golf facilities that were described earlier. Think of it as learning to crawl before you learn to walk. Think of it as going through the education process. Starting at the elementary level and working your way up to the college level. Golf has a lot to offer and if you take your time in learning the game and play the game at the appropriate place, then golf does not have to be a good walk spoiled.

2 Replies to “Golf: Let’s Get Started”

  1. Vet, love this approach of playing a game on the range. I often do it myself during practice although I cheat on the putting. My score for the hole always includes a one or two-putt. I’ll often do this if I’m practicing on a day before playing a round. Comes in handy to avoid getting too mechanical. Always a good thing to focus on shot making, even though the beginner may be more focused on their swing.

    Thanks for the great read.



    1. Everybody wants to play including yours truly, but when you are just learning the game, it is time well spent on the driving range. With this step-by-step process, you have more of a chance in continuing to play rather than quitting

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