Golf Diary

The Round: Played Mt Lebanon Score: 85 Greens In Reg: 3 Putts 32

The Good: Absolutely nothing. Did not drive the ball bad but that was about it.

The Bad: Hitting 3 greens in regulation shows the iron game was very poor and then compound that with mediocre to poor chipping. The putting had too much stress put on it to call it poor, but it did not bail me out at all. Just chalk it up to one of those rounds. I thought I was swinging quite well but little or nothing to show for it.

Luck Of The Round: Anytime you shoot a round like this you are not going to get a lot of breaks. I had many awkward and bad lies and the putts would not drop at all. It was pretty cold out but a least it was not that windy, and the sun was out much of the time. I guess you could say that was lucky.

Next Round: Tomorrow at South Park. Hopefully this was just an anomaly, but we will soon find out. Will be glad to get the taste of this one out of my mouth.

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