Golf Diary:

The Round: Played Rolling Green Score 77 Greens In Reg: 8 Putts: 27

The Good: The putter was smoking today and kept the score barely respectable. Had 9 one putt greens and not too many gimmes. Many par saves and a couple of nice 5 to 8 foot birdie putts that I canned. No 3 putt greens today. The iron game continued to improve and the short game was passable, but it probably seemed better, because I almost made every putt.

The Bad: Had the worst driving day of the year and it was a good thing this course was pretty wide open. I still managed to find trouble and it cost me a double bogey on one hole. Working on something new, and I improved during the round. The weather was gorgeous, so all in all a pretty good day.

The Luck Of The Round: Really not much of a factor today. Can’t say that I had any good or bad breaks. Certainly, no bad luck on the greens today.

Next Round: Somewhat unknown at the moment but should have 2 rounds in by the end of the week.

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