Golf Diary:

Round: Played South Park Score: 80 Greens in Reg: 7 Putts: 32

The Good: Putting made a spectacularly long putt from the fringe on the 1st hole for birdie. Drove the ball pretty well. Iron play improving but did not show up in stats. The course was hard and fast because of an unusual lack of spring rain. Some shots went over the green as they did not hold but the shots were solid and crisp. Short game was ok but did mess up a few chips.

The Bad: Did have a four putt on the 4th green for a double bogey. Overall, even though the score was not all that great I really can’t find a lot of bad in this round.

The Luck Of The Round: Now this is a different story. No breaks today. Because of the dry conditions I had a few drives that looked pretty good, roll into sand traps or under trees. The drive on the second hole which I thought it was well left of the trap, bounced to the right and into the trap. From 140 I hit an 8 iron left and it rolled under a tree. I had a drive on 16 that was cutting back from the left side of the rough, ticked a tree, which caused it to bounce crazily to the left and under another tree. Both of these led to double bogies for a total of 3 for the round. This was a round where I played well enough to break 80 but it was not in the cards. After the long putt on the first hole I thought this was going to be my day. Not so, ball wash breath.

Next Round: Tomorrow, Mt. Lebanon. Things seem to be coming along. This was the best ball striking day of the year. Between the conditions and not being so lucky, the score did not materialize. I played 15 holes 2 over par. Unfortunately, a round is 18 holes.

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