Golf Diary

The Round: Played Black Hawk Score 83 Green In Reg: 11 Putts: 36

The Good: Iron play came around some as I hit 11 greens, the highest number in a long time. Drove the ball ok and over all the driver did not get me in any big trouble.

The Bad: Putting as I was yipping some putts and it was costly. I had only one 1 putt green and that was on the last hole. One 3 putt, with rest being 2 putts. I did putt much better on the back did not have anything to show for it. The ground was very hard and I did not have that many good looks at birdie. It was very difficult to stop the ball on the green. The short game was bad, with some yipping creeping in. I did chip a little better on the back nine.

Luck OF The Round. I really did not have any bad luck but I could not gage the bounce into the green and most of my bounces were not toward the hole. Overall it was just another blah round with no birdies.

Next Round: The weather is going to take a nasty turn but should have 18 holes in by Wednesday.

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