Golf Diary:

The Round: Played Stoughton Acres in Butler Pa. Score: 80 Greens In Reg: 5 Putts: 30

The Good: Putting kept the round from being embarrassing. I did have one 3 putt but made lots of par saves and a nice 20 foot birdie putt. Drove the ball well but was not consistent for the day.

The Bad: Iron play hitting only 5 greens and the short game was brutal. Poor thinking on some holes cost me strokes also. It was cold as I expected, but still hard on these old bones.

The Luck Of The Round: Made one really long putt of about 40 feet that I thought I pulled. It was on the same hole that my drive just skimmed a tree on the right side but it threw the ball further right behind the tree. The breaks evened up on one hole. Did hit a tree on another hole that kept me from going into the lake and made a nice twenty footer to save par from the fringe. On the whole the good luck was ahead of the bad.

Next Round: Tomorrow, Chippewa, in Bentleyville. Another cold one but maybe a little more sun that might help. I just love spring.

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