Golf Diary

Round Played: Chippewa Score: 85 Greens In Reg: 5 Putts: 34

The Good: Believe it or not the ball striking in general. Even the short game was not horrendous.

The Bad: My club selection. I could not get the right distance. I hit many good shots but they wound up way short or way long. My shots could be classified as 2 long, 7 short, 1 good, and 6 where club selection was not a factor. I picked the right club 3 times. One shot was good and the other 2 were off by about 5 yards left or right but it put me in very bad positions. When I am saying long or short, I am talking about at least 40 ft. and sometimes more. This time my putting could not make this round respectable. I had 3 three putt greens, and never made a putt over 6 feet. I hit many good putts, they just did not find the hole. The weather was cold again.

The Luck Of The Round: I can’t say I had any real bad luck. It was just one of those days where the decision making process was bad and any little mistake seemed to be magnified. Still, I was encouraged by the overall ball striking of the round. See if I can build upon that.

Next Round: Thursday, Riverview. Hope it will be a little warmer.

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